Father, May I…Touch You?

Ruhama and The Father

I am sure most of you by now heard of Father Alberto Cutie in Miami who was “exiled” by the Catholic church after he fell in love with a woman and was caught cavorting on the beach with her.

Now, he has left (or kicked out) the Catholic Church and has taken up with the Espicopalian Church.  Well, amidst all the talk of this affair and this man’s dilemma between church and love, I thought about this woman in the picture.   And it’s confirmed.  Only, an Alphanista can make the impossible, seem possible.  Here’s a bit from article:

Cutie later said he had fallen in love with the woman and broken his vow of celibacy. He apologized for his behavior, but told the Univision Spanish-language television network, “I didn’t stop being a man just because I put on a cassock. There are trousers under this cassock.”  The woman in the photographs, identified in media reports as Ruhama Canellis, stood at Cutie’s side as he held a news conference at Trinity Cathedral, where the couple underwent a ceremony to join the Episcopalians.

He and and Ruhama plan to get married, and are already engaged.  Wow.  There you go ladies, not saying to go storm the churches, but never think something is too “hard” or “impossible” to happen with whoever or whatever you have your eyes set on.  She ventures where no woman goes!

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  1. Athena Nike says:

    saying Cutie was hetero I was not inferring that homosexuality and pedophilia are the same, but when your access to one sexual outlet is limited or forbidden you will not automatically seek one that is more convenient just because you are horny and lonely. Becoming Catholic priests did not make these men become gay or pedophiles, gays and pedophiles became Catholic priests. You know what they say about a man after a certain age that is not married or dating regularly – gay, pedophile, or a eunuch. Pedophiles found a place where their singleness would go unquestioned, and gave them access to victims in the churches, schools, and peoples homes. People love and trust their parish leaders, just like protestants love their pastors. But protestants usually won’t install a pastor that is not married, its usually a requirement, so we know he has his help meet and he will be less inclined to sexual sin and temptation. You see a priest with the same woman one too many times and they are calling the regional bishop to investigate, but if Tommy and Billy are always called to do xyz for Father, its an honor.
    Prison and the priesthood are not comparable, one is a choice (they consented to celibacy), prison is not. Priests general live alone or with a small staff in their rectories, and are free to go wherever they want in their off time, they are not subject to the same stresses and situations men have in the tight confines of our prison system. You can’t leave prison to get some female booty, so its masterbate or allow your mind to take you somewhere you would not have gone before, and your body will follow. But many leave the priesthood voluntarily or otherwise without the publicity Cutie received all the time because they can’t keep that vow of celibacy, others stay and are slippin and tippin even after they are reprimanded. Some marry after they retire from the church, but that doesn’t mean while they were active they satisfied themselves with little boys.

  2. Omo Misha says:

    newsflash: most pedophiles are not homosexuals. in the case of the catholic church these men, deprived of the touch and affection, are aiming for the most accessible and vulnerable victims; in this case, little boys. what i’m saying is that these men might not ordinarily be pedophiles…in the real world. just like many men in prison might not, in the real world, touch another man. these worlds (of separation from love) create their own sad sexual realities. but athena i, like you, would prefer to think that our cutie would have been steaming up confessionals with the town tramps! 🙂

  3. Athena Nike says:

    I agree with parts of Omo’s comment. I don’t think Cutie would’ve ended up trying to get in the pants of an altar boy. He is obviously hetero, Ruhama hardly looks like an prepubescent boy. But the celibacy requirement of the Catholic Church helps harbor those with unnatural sexual intents, such as pedophiles, and made victims easily accessible. Cutie would’ve been hooking up in confessionals with the town tramps or having late night counseling sessions like unscrupulous protestant ministers.

  4. Omo Misha says:

    The Catholic Church really needs to rethink the celibacy thing. I was appalled when I learned that the celibacy vow had little or nothing to do with religion or spirituality, and everything to do with financial gain. These men are deprived of love and affection simply because the Catholic church is unwilling to share its profits with any families they might go on to create. The deprivation of love – and for this cause, an unjust cause – is the CRUX of the child molestation problem within the institution. Anyway, I am happy for Cutie, and that he followed his heart, lest he, too, might have one day ended up in the pants of a young altar boy.

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