Everybody Ain’t Broke, Unless You’re Everybody…

203009-1_10And an alpha female, is not everybody.

She’s unique and self-defined in 2008, 2009 and everafter.  How does an alpha female navigate these trepidatious financial times?  Does she save her money?  Budget?  Put the Loubs on Ebay?  The David Yurman?  Not quite.  She knows she’ll need it for the next come up.  She’s already plotting her next move at her office desk.  Juggling her side business and her boss’s work.

She’s not driven by fear like others who cling to the familiar, but she’s always preparing a bed for herself to rest, while everyone is jumping out of theirs to make the next train.  She serves good, not evil.  Evil is the fear.  Good is the joy she gets from thinking up big and small ideas to increase her income.   While everyone else is staying put, she’s thinking out–outside the box, that is.  She’ll take the money she’s saving and start a new project or business venture.  Shoot, she may not even have money, but she’ll find it.  Maybe from a well-off ex?  That she’ll “hold”, not borrow.

Based on statistics, the most millionaires are created during the time of a depression.  When there’s strife, there’s loads of opportunity.  This is the world an alpha female lives in.  Of course, she modifies her lifestyle just a tad and makes sure her debt is manageable.  She’s not afraid of what she’ll lose because she clings to the faith she has in herself.  In her mind, there’s nothing she can’t flip and hustle, if she has to.  Her mind is a playground of income streams.  In the case that she may be fired or laid off, she sees that as an opportunity.  An alpha female likes nothing more than the fearless leap in life.  A fired alpha female may have bills like everyone else, and a family, but she’ll flip it to swim not sink.  She’ll sell toasted, frozen waffles to make ends meet, if she has to, and convince you it’s her grandma’s secret recipe.

One of the most inspiring stories I heard at an entrepreneur’s conference was from a well known blogger, who was down on her luck, evicted, and had to move from house to house.  All she owned was her computer.  She created a blog.  She had nothing but time on her hands, and low and behold, in just a few months she earned a following, and a few more months later, she was pulling at least 4-5 figures a month from advertising on her blog.  Now, she’s doing it full-time and invited to some of the most elite celeb parties and exclusive events to increase her business and brand.

Most success in life comes from adverse conditions.  The way to master adverse conditions is not to be moved by them. Or at least, moved like most people.  This is one of my favorite quotes: “An adverse situation can be good; I am undisturbed by it, and it falls away of its own weight.  None of these things moves me.” It’s from the Game of Life by Florence Scovel Shinn.

Of course, you always have a choice, of balling up under the covers and biting your nails down to the bone like everyone else.  Or you can take a proactive role, by being creative, using your own inner resources, and network, and challenging yourself to live a better quality life.  If she hits rock bottom it’s from chasing her dream, not dreaming about it at a desk.   An alpha female is not swayed by outside circumstances.  Have you been reading this blog?  You know it already.   Pick up a book to give you some ideas if you have none yet.  Here are some ones I enjoyed:

1.  Secrets of the Millionaire Mind: Mastering the Inner Game of Wealth

2.  Awaken Your Strongest Self: Break Free of Stress, Inner Conflict, and Self-Sabotage

3.  Cashflow Quadrant: Rich Dad’s Guide to Financial Freedom

4.  Dynamic Laws of Prosperity

While everyone else is stepping back, you’re stepping up.  It’s healthy to vent, but don’t let it end there.  That is so, not alpha.


  1. Sarystal says:

    Just the inspiration i need. I’m typically this way but lately i have been feeling otherwise. Thanks for the “lift”!

  2. Angel says:

    Been thinking of taking this notary course, a friend of mine did and is doing well because these days alot of people are going through changes and need lots of paperwork signed!

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