Weekend Rewind: Every Woman Is For Sale…


Remember this one?  A classic!  Enjoy!


By Guest Blogger, The Hooker Chronicles

“What made you want to do this kind of work”?

If I had a round of ammo for how many times I have heard this over the past 5 years, I could overthrow a small country with an army of stiletto wearing hookers.  I once felt like I had to respond with some tired cliché’ like: “It’s empowering” or “I like pleasing men”.

Then a few weeks ago I was asked that dreaded question once again, and I had what some would call a moment of shear clarity and responded “Because I can”….It was so refreshing to say those words.

Contrary to popular belief, and what the media spews to the public, Escorts no different than your average woman. They have children, a man, a home, bills, and sometimes a “regular” 9-5.  They just so happen to be hookers on the side.  And with the American population so quick to judge them, it’s imperative that Americans understand that a person isn’t defined by what they do for a living.  If a woman were a garbage lady, would that make her garbage?  If she worked for the sewer company, does that make her s*it?

In the end, we all prostitute ourselves in some sort of way.  Whether you Model or dance the ballet, you are still using your body to make a profit.  Back in pre-historic times, the men would show off their strengths and abilities to find wives and mates. The women would come along and accepts these men’s sexual requests in exchange for food, protection, companionship, and shelter.  And this is where the idea of prostitution began…

And they don’t call it the world’s oldest profession for nothing…

I think that most females get wrapped up in the whole label thing, and being called a hooker is the worst thing you can call her.  But if you take all the sugar babies, kept women, and trophy wives and put them in one big room next to your top paid hookers, and they all start to look the same…because they are!


  1. @Ray

    Go take a Xanax and lie down PLEASE!

    This argument is so old and redundant that I shouldn’t give you the satisfaction of a comment, but since I haven’t been here in a while, I’m going to.

    -I’ve never been raped
    -I don’t do drugs (except wine, coffee, and an occasional joint)
    -I have a loving relationship with my parents who are married (33 years)
    -I have 2 wonderful partners (one male and the other female)
    -And live a lifestyle that is outside the parameters of what you’re comfortable with.

    So I understand your disapproval…


    You kinda sound like you need some loving TLC..

    I have a few wonderful lady escort friends that would be more than happy to service you! Call me and I’ll hook you up with one!

  2. ray says:

    SO YOU SPREAD YOUR LEGS FOR A MANS PLEASURE other than your husbands.You have CHILDREN..you say your a loving wife?..YOU MUST THE ONE DELUSIONAL!..LOVE IS NOT GIVING AWAY THE MOST SACRED OF ACTS…THIS WORLD FOR SURE WILL BE DESTROYED SOON ALONG WITH ALL THE VILE SICK PEOPLE OUT THERE…I pray for your children..you must have been raped or abused or need some kind of spiritual awakening!..and enough with your one liners—lazy way of expression that means nothing!so cliche’

  3. YES, the only point that I’m trying to get across is that I have a point. And although some may not agree with my personal career choices, they cannot deny that I speak some truths.

    My life works for me,and Im very happy with it, and all I want to do is share the techniques that I use to keep em coming back.

    Call me what you want, “retched Whore”, Hooker, whatever…

    I own those words…

  4. Kaylee says:

    As muc h as I may disagree with your lifestyle, in a way, you truly are speaking on woman’s empowerment. You are judged for what you do mostly because of your gender. Men are free to have sex as often and as casually as they please. Women are judged the minute their number of sexual partners moves beyond the number one. It’s a complete double standard: why are you less of a role model to your son than if your husband were to have several children from other women or leads a promiscuous lifestyle outside of the home? Women have always been viewed as a commodity. In some cultures, women are still traded for property, or are given away in marriage for a dowry. Its not just specifically the sex that names the price, its the gender as a whole.

  5. GG says:




  6. Brian says:

    @marie – I would say – count the comments – nuff said

    @Bottom B – you hit the nail on the head – EVERYONE has a price. It’s not all in $ and cents but there is a price to be paid for sex. Gladys I appreciate your hustle and respect your view on love and relationships and wish you all the best in that endeavor.

    @Mike – you might want to check your facts before you start throwing around B. Obama and his “virtuous” upbrining – he was the product of a dead beat dad, a single white “baby mama” and had all sorts of issues with behavior and drugs before he lifted himself up, dusted himself off and became Mr. November! And don’t get me started on Oprha! (mis-spelling on purpose)

    Trust me we all pay – married men – come home late without calling – we’ll see how much sex you get that night (or that week).

  7. Loving a bottom B says:

    Every woman and man has a price. Furthermore, either you have a low value or high value on yourself. People need to realize in life you are always paying or going to pay when it comes to the opp sex. Either you have to pay in the beginning, in the end or through payments over time. No matter what you still have to pay. With regular women your paying. Those payments helps you get equity and obtain their time/trust/loyalty/etc… However people have no issues with this form of payment because it being used to hopefully build a long term relationship. Professional hoes charge you a up front and flat rate for their services while other women don’t. Professional’s in the big picture charge less however they give you less because you build no equity with them since its all business. I view the time and money spent in a relationships as buying a home, while professional hoes are like renting a home. Both do the same job but one comes with long term benefits and upside. There are women who are regular hoes who give up the goods for free or without valid compensation. They should start charging people because they are wasting their time and putting a low value on themselves by giving it away for free. Prostitutes are just people trying to make a living in a way we disapprove off, nevertheless, I have no issue with it because its an industry that been around as long as anyone can remember. At least that person is providing for themselves. Instead of hating on people doing it as job why not create opportunities so young men and women dont have to enter that industry.

  8. I think I’ve figured out what the issue REALLY is…..

    No one here can deny that I speak some iota of truth here, but it’s the whole “Hooker” thing that rubs folks the wrong way. I think if I just called myself “Erika”, people can swallow me easier (No pun intended).

    BUT, that’s not going to happen…Sorry!

  9. Gladys says:

    I am not judging. I was merely stating what I feel about sex. No one, not even my husband will be able to earn sex from me. The stakes would be too high and no human is that perfect. Sex is a gift that I will be giving to my husband. I have chosen to not have sex I could easily decided to continue this life after I get married, but I am not going to do that because I am saving this special gift for him.

  10. Pleaure Pluz says:

    Incognegro is Right. Everyone has a price!! Everyone!!! It may not be money but it is something.
    @Gladys: Your price is marriage before you have sex. Your price is just set higher that THC.
    THC’s price is per trick turned. It is not good or bad, it just is.(period) So there is no need for anyone to judge because it’s just a different way of thinking.
    Nuf Said.

  11. marie says:

    maryann, why in the hell are you associating this site, which is supposed to be dedicated to alpha female empowerment, so closely with prostituion?

  12. Gladys says:

    I believe that the sex is directly connected to the soul, and I believe that we all have the ability to block or cover that pathway. It is the same way people start with one lie and their conscious beats them up about. Then the tell a few more lies and eventually their conscious doesn’t bother them anymore.

    I don’t want to judge you but I will say, that you have found a way to block the pathway to your soul when you have sex or perform for those men.

  13. mike says:

    I guess in order to look at yourself in the mirror (and feel good about what you see) you have to dignify selling your body by comparing it to what real women do to keep their families in tact, husbands satisfied,and bills paid. Although I alone wouldnt be able to change the views of those women you say come to you for advice in getting into the ‘life” but I will say to them thats not the way to prosparity. I would imagine it to be an empty, lonely place after the john has paid your asking price to have his way with you. Please dont let the economy be the reason you sell what should be the most treasured of your possesions. Your Temple… ONE!

  14. @Gladys

    Yeah, I see a lot of women in worst conditions, but trust me, it ain’t because they have better values than I do. Most of them have 4 babies and 3 baby daddies, and no money! And my hooker tax dollars are paying for those food stamps and Government subsidized housing!

    What a life!

  15. Gladys says:

    I will have to say that I don\’t think all women have a price. It is all about values. Why do I say that? Because I have seen women live in the worst of conditions, but they value themselves too much to sleep with a man for money.

    THC you are right a lot of women are just sophisticate hookers, but I lets leave the generalization out of it. Not all women are for sale. No man can buy my body or my love. Sex is not a tool for trade, it is a gift that can only be given to one man.

  16. Inkognegro says:

    Come on, folk. somma yall so busy getting your umbrage on you missin the forest for the trees.

    We all have a price. It just aint always money.

  17. James says:

    THC, do your thing. I think folks just feel the whole “sale” stuff is threatening because if u have a girl or wife u don’t want to feel like she is for sale. Whatever. I hope if my girl is asked she’ll make the price HIGH! LOL

  18. You know it’s funny, but I sent out a newsletter a week ago to all my clients and fans letting them know that I’ll be writing for a non-Kink related blog about escorting, and I got back TONS of feedback all stating the same thing:

    – “Erika, why would you subject yourself to ridicule from outsiders”
    – “Erika, avoid the headache”
    – “Good Luck”

    Those replies alone show the amount of relevance that I have in others people’s lives that matter. I’m not here to be anyone’s role model, but fortunately for me….I am!

    You my friend – are the naive one when it comes to the real world. I have TONS of single mothers, and working class women that come to me daily asking for advice on breaking into this industry because times are rough and they need to make ends meet.

    This is bigger and more wide-spread than what you think it is..

    You’re just unaware!

    As for raising the next Barack Obama and Oprah Winfrey’s….who better than me to teach strength and courage in spite of ridicule and judgment.

    Besides, my son will have the best of both worlds, 2 educations. The education from his private school and the education of a hustler!

    He’s already brilliant at 7…

  19. mike says:

    First of all @ Da Don… you are Obviously not a don. If this is how you view your mom or sister or daughter then I guees it’s ok for you. For me the beautiful queens I love and know, what they do in their bedrooms with their HUSBANDS and significant others aint paid sex. Maybe thats who you grew up around. I dont know any women whom view the intimate things and roles they play in thier families lives anything of the sort. So if my view on this subject is faggot then what you are saying here speaks volumes. @ THC you could not possible be all those things while bringing up the next Barack Obama, or Colin Powell or Oprah Winfrey. What will those children think of the Hooker mom? How will that effect their development in healthy relationships? Quoting Brother Barack here.. “No matter how much lipstick you put on a pig…Its stiil a pig…

  20. @mike

    Why is that you assume that just because I have sex for a living that I am somehow void of being a loving mother, wife, or nurturer. I am all of the above, and then some…

    This is a classic case of an industry that is SO outside of your realm of awareness, that you attack it without fully understanding those that participate in it. And who said anything about slitting my wrist?!?!

    But as the saying goes…

    “Those who mind DON’T MATTER and those who matter DON’T MIND”

  21. Incognegro says:

    I think someone has some anger issues – maybe you need the services of THC or one of her girls! 🙂

  22. mike says:

    So this is how you keep from slitting your wrists? If you really believe being a good wife is in any way relative to being a paid whore who the some perverted man gets his rocks off on… then you are most certainly delusional. You can dress it up anyway you like… Escort.. call girl… paid mistress, lets call a spade a spade, Please dont make our women whom take pride in being loving wives whom their husbands take good care of and bring forth. raise and nurture our future leaders even try to find comparisons in their role in the family and being a retched WHORE!! Not the same by a LONG SHOT.

  23. Darling says:

    Ok this is off the chain gotta think and come back! definitely see some truth in my own life. had a convo with a friend this weekend with some weirdo she’s seeing and i told her “he just doesnt have enough money for you to overlook that” and we both agreed!

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