Don’t Be An “Emotional Lesbian”

By Guest Blogger, The Hooker Chronicles


Liquid Silk Lubricant…$19.99

Adult Toys…$49.99

Having him addicted to you….*PRICELESS*

You must be careful in  your ultimate quest in becoming the quintessential “Alpha women” to not forget about romance and sensuality.  With the whole feminist movement of the 60’s and 70’s; today’s Alpha women can easily become “emotional lesbians”.

And when I say “emotional lesbians”, I mean no longer interested in stroking the sensual needs of her man, and instead only focusing on her career, titles, degrees, fashion, and her ability to “keep up with the Joneses”!  When this happens,

men become restless…

and when men become restless…

men wander…

and when men begin to wander…..girls like ME become $200 an hour richer.

I know that our mammy’s and pappy’s have taught us that we are strong independent black women who don’t need men and blah… blah… blah (I get so sick of that saying sometimes, but I digress), but this attitude has ultimately made our men choose white women and hookers as a more desirable alternative. If you don’t believe me, check the statistics and my daily appointment schedule.

But believe it or not, the cure for this epidemic is quite easy….

Sensual Attentiveness!

And what I mean is stroking your man’s ego along with other things.  Become creative sexually. Believe it or not, men are not that sexually advanced, so introducing him to adult toys, cuffs, massage oils, Kama Sutra, role play, bondage and fetish play may take him FAR from what he’s accustomed to, and I guarantee he’ll  appreciate it.

Learn to dominate your partner in bed, and know when it’s appropriate to make the first move.  Nothing gets a man’s adrenaline pumping like being submissive to a lover in luxurious lingerie and an appetite for lust.  Contrary to popular belief, sex is your friend, not your enemy, so throw away everything you’ve learned about being pure, prim and proper, and introduce your man to your inner sex goddess…

Believe me; he’ll thank you for it!

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  1. EbonyLolita says:

    @THC Good post. I belivee that you have to learn to change your face and pace in order to meet the needs of many situations. When it comes to your Man then he should always feel like he’s wanted and the ONLY person that you wanna Phuck, whether it’s true or not. In being an Alpha you should be sizing up Everybody, including your mate. Knowing their likes/dislikes wants and needs will help you in conquering him in and out the bedroom. Now, fellas hold on when I say out the bedroom I don’t mean to emasculate but to know how to deal with him. Anywho, Good article THC and get the $$ b/c someone will always be willing to pay.

    Love, EbonyLolita 😉

  2. @ Ms. Tee

    I always say that having good sex sometimes takes practice. If your an adventurous woman, I would suggest joining a local swinging group and take a good friend or your man along with you. When you go to these swinger parties, everything there will be VERY respectable because most of the couples there will be married.

    I also say that watching good amateur porn with your man can give you some ideas on positions and movements.

    If you don’t have a man, is a good way to find a “friend with benefits”.

    practice practice practice (responsibly)…

    This next suggestion is ONLY my personal opinion, but white men seem to be a little less restrictive than black men, so find a good white guy to practice with. White men will let you experiment on them like a science project, so you can pretty much do anything with them sexually.

  3. brooklyns batman says:

    to my ladies….i say my ladies because by nature, woman are to men. what sperm is to the egg.that which is to join ,to create/birth does a “WOMAN” forget to be sensual?it would seem linked to her femininity.the same physical form that is being purchased at $200 a hour………wow even a womans emotions can turn lesbian…guess they stop wearing there emotions on there sleves and put them in there wallets!lol

  4. For the ladies…

    If you’ve ever had problems having an orgasm, here is a personal trick that I use. Because most orgasms are part mental and part physical, take some time to manifest your kinkiest thought before you begin getting down and dirty with your man.

    There is a specific toy that I use and must always have, and it’s called: “Vibe Me Sensual Pleasure Vibe”. I never use the vibe on the inside, but as I straddle my men, I strategically place the vibe against the clit and lean forward to keep it in place.

    Now – as you’re riding and vibing at the same time, pull that kinky thought from your memory banks and start stimulating your mind, while your man and the Vibrator is stimulating your girlie parts.

    It may not happen right away, but don’t stop. Orgasms should feel like waves, and they ususally start in the pit of your stomach. They kind of feel like the downward decent on a roller coaster, but the sensation if phenomenal

  5. James says:

    Maryann the variety on this site is unbelievable! Never know what I’m gonna get. Thanks for being openminded about the content and keeping it fresh….I may contribute a blog soon 🙂 @THC true indeed too many women lying to themselves *ick make the whole seem just a lil bit friendlier…

  6. babydoll says:

    I am starting a counter culture against independent women ideals LOL…I do believe you should have your own, but DAMN, its getting a little ridic now, women acting like men. But women complain about men all the time, but now we trying to be like them?!? F*ck that!!!

    Great post, you write very well……

  7. that’s right, stroke my ego before i give this “other” woman $200, you coulda got you some new shoes wit lol. but i have to say, i’m a different breed of man. i’ve never cheated on my lady and i won’t either. BUT.. i have let a chick know that her services are no longer required, ya dig. same premise, very different outcome. ask my one ex.. livin wit her for 2 years.. she start pullin some ol insecurity shit and although i tried to make it work, 6 months of tryin.. i aint cheat.. moved in my pops, came back for my shit later. other chick broke up wit me, talkin bout she wanna get back together. bitch you had yo chance. you must be outta yo mind if i’m gon waste my life wit you. i don’t care how well she sucked my dick either. GOTTA GO, PEACE.

    I’m sorry miss hooker lady but Anthony Taurus is married to Mary Jane. Take my $200 and put it on a half ounce of high grade marijuana, throw on some porn and beat off. Pussy is nice but it aint worth the stress and frustration. Told ya I was different breed of man. LOL

  8. Ken says:

    She speaketh the truth. Nothing wrong with an independent, go-getter. I’m married to one. But you have to strike a balance and realize that there is a “time and place for everything.” The door swings both ways, though. Men need to strike a balance and be a little woman-first in how they handle their relationship. Just because you have your ish together doesn’t mean that you’re entitled to anything and everything (in the relationship and outside of it, too).

    Good post. So true, so true. I honestly think that this is the primary reason why “successful women” can’t find their man.

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