DO’s & Don’ts on Mixing Business with Pleasure!

alphafemaleBy Special Guest Contributor Alicia Marie Rivers

Here are 6 things you should and should not do.

Is it ever a good idea to mix business with pleasure?

Believe or not, yes!  Alphanistas, what I’m suggesting is a way to obtain a person’s interest and/or confidence by utilizing a hot chick principle – seduction. Now for those of you with a skeptical thought or snicker, seduction is not about sex. It is a method to penetrate a person’s defenses and create surrender. Simply put, it is a manner of teasing the imagination by stimulating a particular craving, such as the chance to possess a fantasy figure or idea. So, with a pretty thought (“I walk as though the world is at my feet, in my hands and between my ears, arms and thighs…”) an alluring appearance and only showing glimpses of flesh, here are the do’s and don’ts on using your feminine wiles to construct an aura of desirability:


…be charming.

…make eye contact.


…listen as if he/she is the most interesting person in the world.

…enjoy yourself. Let the duty be a delight.

…compliment the individual (tie, color, shoes, etc)


…show a lot of skin (i.e. micro-mini and a low-cut blouse/dress, etc).

…be afraid of exercising affectionate gestures like a gentle touch on shoulder or elbow

…be unprepared. Intelligence is sexy!

…go overboard with compliments. You could appear desperate & overly obsessed with appearances.

…be loud. Your voice is an instrument and can be a harmonious tool to one’s ears.

…ignore negative body language (i.e. crossed arms, slouching, heavy sighing, etc).

prettyaliciaGuest Blogger, Alicia Marie Rivers is a sex appeal/self esteem coach and author of The Pretty Thoughts of a Hot Chick (available at, & She is also the founder & editor of the sexy, new guilty pleasure with style,


  1. Brian says:

    Works all over. I find my self being kinder and willing to go the extra mile for my co-workers who follow this mantra. There is a cute girl at my job and every time we make I contact she looks like I stole her cookies – trust me, she’ll never get me to make a call on her behalf.

    Others who have only been a little nice and given a smile – they’ve had promotions – not because they were nice -but because when the powers get together to talk about such things, I’m willing to speak up for someone who doesn’t act like her sh#t don’t stink.

    Kudos to the author on this one!

  2. EbonyLolita says:

    Nodding head in agreement. Good advice. Too many women fall into the trap of sleeping w/ a boss or other people to get to the top. I firmly believe if you do this you will have to continue to sleep to stay at the top. Also NOBODY will have any respect for you, which weakens your power in the workplace. Good article.
    Love, EbonyLolita 😉

  3. Cassandra says:

    I tried this with my boss …enjoy yourself. Let the duty be a delight.” Let’s just say work got more interesting!

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