Don’t Trust Your Girlfriend With Your Man?

womansecretsHere is a point from Blogxilla’s 30 Reasons Why Some Women Ain’t Shish.

I highlighted this one because I think it needed special pause:

1.  Now ladies, I’m sure you have at least one friend who you will never leave around your man, sure you love her to death but you don’t trust that trick around your man. Because you know she will suck him dry, ride him like the L train and probably [blank, blank, blank] first chance she can…..

I’ve seen #1 happen time and again.  Especially if the man is attractive, charming and paid.  And it’s usually the woman who claims she can never do this.  A recent poll on Alphanista found out that 24% of women would cheat with their best friend’s man if it was guaranteed she’d never find out.

If there are 30 reasons, I understand why this is number 1.  Hello, Tameka Foster befriending Chili and Usher, and stealing from under her nose.  Can women be trusted?  In this world, every woman for herself, or…..


  1. lala first lady says:

    is it okay for your man to give your friend a ride in his car if he sees her at the bus stop?but what if u dont trust the friend or the man too?

  2. CeeCeefrom Oaktown says:

    I use to be the one who did it all ,went to college ,ironed the clothes ,trophy woman ,not wife dinner on the table,no need to get it from another woman wow or should I say man, whatever it was it was what he wanted to do any way. How could you spend all of your money on that man when its a shame how they treat you.At first its so loving ,right? Then they break it down to you as if you were the one who made it possible for him to cheat on you ? Not at all. Have you ever had your man around your girlfriends and you notice that your man and your girlfriend seems to comunicate so nice ? He says he dont like her? Right?Black flag? He wants to argue with you for no reason at all then she speaks up for him? What does that really tell you. Did you ever tell him about your past relationships ? Or was he the one who told you that nothing ever happened. Ill tell you she is no friend of yours and there both playing you for a fool. My mom always told me never ever have any of you girlfriends around your man that mean family girlys to . There so fake that move on with your life . He really wasnt worth it at all.I want a man that can leave it on the back burner and pay attention to me and only me. Dont get me wrong its ok to have friends but there no girlfriends of mine I can do better when he pays more attention to trash than a Queen who has her own Game.Peace Out Love the Game Hate the Players who cant step up there Game. Any Gentelmen out there ?

  3. mike says:

    The shortage is of good, available, educated, tall, handsome, childless, employed, not gay, not misgonistic, well adjusted, “black men” who want to date black women…..Did I cover everything?

  4. Zabeth says:

    I also have to ask the question: why are you friends with a woman you can’t trust around your man?????

    Maybe it’s just me and I’m just living in a bubble, but I can’t relate. I don’t count any of my friends as women who would persue my or any one else’s man. If they did i wouldn’t call them my friend. Or perhaps its the case that I’m yet to encounter this type of situation. But really though, are we as women so desperate for male and female companionship that we’ll just tolerate anything?

  5. THAT WOMAN says:

    This is complete bullshit! I AM one of those women who other women view as a threat, even though I have my own fabulous sexy, wealthy chocolate studcake. We have an awesome relationship with lots and lots of hot sweaty sex. Perhaps, the fact that I always look satisfied, compared to my friends and sisters who aint gettin none is the reason for the hatification.

  6. I would like to say that if you can’t trust your girlfriend/homegirl, etc. around your man, your best bet first and foremost is SHUT YOUR MOUTH. Don’t say ish to your girls about how good your man is, how well he got it goin on in the bedroom, etc. Nine times out of ten they are fantasizing about all you are describing to them.

    If you feel that you can’t trust your girls around your man, don’t bring your girls around him, period.

  7. babydoll says:

    I guess I am speaking for myself then when I say- THERE IS NO SHORTAGE in men!!!! I date out of my race, and date black men too and I do not feel that there is a shortage. I meet so many black men that are not gay,have jobs, education, and no children, good guys in general -i’m also in a college area so that might have a lot to do with it. and also some of these men are unattached ie: not married. I am fairly young so I aint ready for all that yet, but seriously Mike, u can check the “facts” and “stats” on the internet all you want, but I live in reality and I am not seeing a damn shortage-sorry. Don’t believe the hype ladies also expand your mind and date other races!!! A good man is a good man regardless of color. And if a man isn’t able to resist your friend he wasn’t about shit in the first place, @ mike: U CAN help it! Don’t believe the hype ladies…..

  8. Bill Cammack says:

    I would think that women would know not to leave other women around their man based on the chatter that goes on during “girls’ night out”. When you’re listening to stories from some chick about how proud she is that she pulled some dude even though he had a girlfriend or a wife, feel free to extrapolate that into her doing the exact same thing to you.

  9. Zabeth says:

    There really isn’t a shortage of available men for relationships and marriage- in the world, and if you are really willing to pursue the goal of a committed relationship and marriage. This is also why I encourage BW to expand their options and not be so locked into the idea that they can only be with a man of the same race or that he must come from the same town/country/place that she is from.

  10. Loving a bottom B says:

    To build of what mike just stated. Yes the shortage of men is real. Why? The other available men are either gay, or criminals. Then add the fact there are more single women then single men. As well as men having different races to choose from.

  11. mike says:

    The shortage is real ladies. Unfortunatly. I know you dont want to believe or except it but, the available brothers date whom ever they like (white, black, brown, polka-dot, male and female) which typically everyone else except brothers usually date within there race. Do your research. Sisters typically like to date within their race… so that means less available brothers (worthy anyway) to go around. So yes… watch that chick around your man cause she will get it poppin if he gets sucked in to a look, or a cheek kiss with a lingering scent of j-lo glow. We cant help it.

  12. babydoll says:

    I agree with SicilianCoco….I don’t believe there is a man shortage either. It just really depends on where you are. Men just say that so women can get comfortable with the idea of being the other woman or putting up with ALL of their shortcomings…which is BS…Puhleeze!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Incognegro says:

    Oh, there is a shortage SicillainCoco – Not too many million $ bruthas came in that Beemer shop, right? And I noticed you didn’t post up at the Hyundai dealership 🙂

    Just run the numbers on how many black men go to college, complete college, and go further to be part of that top 5% (I’m not talking about rappers and ballers either – they really don’t count). Remember, I had a bunch of caveats in my “Good Man” definition.

    BTW, you are getting very, very sleepy…..


  14. MissEY says:

    I had a “friend” openly tell me that she fantasizes about being this married man’s side chick and that how she wants to break up other people’s relationships.
    All the while swearing up and down how she could NEVER do that to a another friend.

    Needless to say we aren’t friends anymore 🙂

  15. SicilianCoco says:

    Why are men always talking about his shortage! There aint no shortage! That is a lie told to women to control them. I met my man minding my own business at a car dealership (i was a receptionist at BMW). It is where you place yourself and how you market yourself, AND, women should never be trusted. Once you put hormones and ovaries together and desire anything is possible. ANYTHING.

  16. Incognegro says:

    It’s every woman for herself for sure. We’ve had this discussion about women who will sleep with married men before – its all the same. The only way to keep your man from straying is to be on his hip 24/7. Since that is impossible you just have to trust him. Since that is impossible 🙂 you just have to HOPE.

    1. It’s the perfect storm these days. Good, healthy, attractive, free (not in jail), straight men are in very short supply

    2. Some (many) women are willing to compromise and “borrow” a man

    3. Men love variety

    Therefore, you better not leave you’re girl around your man – I don’t care if she’s single or married. Cause an unhappily married woman acts like a single woman!

    Real talk

  17. SicilianCoco says:

    This has happened to me and I ashamed of it. My best friend did this and I do not blame him one bit. She practically cornered him. He is a successful black man (millions) handsome as hell and has the world at his finger tips he is well known. My friends always acted really interested in him. I made up with my best friend because hey if I was in her shoes maybe I woulda done the same thing women will be women, and I am still with my man. Sometimes it comes with the territory.

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