Don’t Lend Money Out If You Need It Back

by Denise Rickards

I don’t have anything else to say but that!  But for the sake of a post let me explain. I laugh at stories of people lending out money whether it’s a few dollars to a few thousands.  They act like it is a law that says that they must get it back.  Well, look, it is nice if you do, but if somebody is asking you for some means that they probably won’t have it to give back for a while.  And if they have it, you are not gonna be the first one to get any, because they like the feeling of having some money finally.  Just like they hold on to theirs, you should, too.

Now, there are instances where you want to give to help out.  Don’t give with expectations, give as a gift.  You don’t expect it back and if the person demands to pay it back, say “whatever”.  If they do, take it, if they don’t, they don’t.  That is because you gave what you could, and you don’t want to be stressed out waiting.   You didn’t over extend yourself to boost your fragile ego, and if you need it back, you simply say you can’t lend any.  Everybody moves on about their business.

What kicks me is that people lend money to have control over others, to have something to talk about, to feel good, and whatnot that you are borrowing more than you think!  At least the loansharks tell you they want their money, and there is no way out of that one.  The ones we need to worry about are the wolves in sheep’s clothing!

Denise Rickards is an admin assistant, current lender, was a borrower.  She lives in Nutley, NJ.


  1. EbonyLolita says:

    Well…….. I believe you borrow money from banks, not friends. So…. that’s what I do. If I don’t pay the bank back I will deal w/the repercussions. If I don’t pay the friend back….. I’ve lost a friend. I do not lend money b/c I WANT MY MONEY BACK!!!! I’m not a bank *Kissteeth*

  2. Blake says:

    I have never borrowed without paying back this article is the very reason why I always pay back! I don’t want nobody having anything over me for life. Including sugar daddies.

  3. ErikaW says:

    I totally agree with this and I’m a borrower. Nothing worse than getting some money and they tell you its OK, then they hound you about it 6 months later.

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