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"wild women friends"


Recently, I read an article on Huffington Post about divorce.

That will be the LAST article I read about how bad marriage is…period.  It’s like there this effort out there to completely destroy the image of marriage.  Well, let me just say.  To be in a union is ingrained in our DNA.  The marketing of it over the last several years has been destructive and careless.  But it will never stop people from wanting it.  Even if they have to go off somewhere and start their own little colony.

Here’s a snippet:

Wives who counted on a spouse for fulfillment and sustenance were often angry and lonely. And the happiest wives don’t spend a whole lot of time with their husbands.

This is so much bull.  Why wouldn’t a happy wife want to spend time with her husband?  Where is the time being spent?  Some private time is always important, but that is organic and happens on its own.  But to send this message that happy wives don’t spent alot of time with their husbands is out of context.  Has it been negotiated that time apart is okay?  If so, then fine.  But if people are just taking liberties to be away from their spouse to stay happy something is wrong. It’s selfish.  And maybe they need to be alone.

Here’s more:

Finally, the wives with the highest marital satisfaction have a tight circle of wild women friends with whom to drink, travel and vent about their husbands.

Who are these ladies?  LOL.  From my understanding, “wild women friends” are a problem.  I don’t even like “wild women friends”.  I rather travel with a husband  than with girlfriends.  Girlfriends can’t protect or lift heavy bags.  They can only complain and have too many ideas that confuse the plans.  This may work for some couples, but do believe it is not realistic or on a uniform basis.  And venting about your man to a circle of “wild women”.  Hell no.  No wonder why men prefer women with little or no friends (or family for that matter!).

Please monitor what you read out there, because everything printed is not gold.



  1. Commitment_phobic says:

    That picture is ridiculous LMAO! Makes me think about the whole single ladies stuff. Never been a big fan but did my share of the club thing . Now I HATE clubs or lounges and don’t care to gossip or talk – really EVER! This makes me think that maybe I could be in love and settle down.

    Just seems like some chicks have it all together- SEEMS is the operative word. I don’t know- just have issues with the MRS. but not against it all together/ only time will tell.

  2. Lis says:

    I WHOLEHEARTEDLY agree. Some of the most miserly married chicks I know are those with the wild women friends this article necessitates as a key ingredient of marital bliss. In fact, many NOT all, married women will (un)consciously compete with her single friends and behave as though she is single herself! Unless you are single with a strong desire to GET married, it’s best to find yourself some single friends. And vice versa.

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