Don’t Be A Chicken At The BBQ…

By Guest Blogger, Goldie

Ladies, I seem to notice a plethora of women at cookouts wearing ill fitting attire.

Shapeless tanks that only enhance the shapeless bra along with khaki shorts in funky lengths and flat sandals that do nothing but make your toes look long. That, alphanistas, is not our way of life. I’d like to extend my vision of a perfect barbecue outfit.

When I see myself going to a gathering outdoors I instantly think 50’s retro. Take it back to a full skirted sundress or a thin plaid shirt and capris . Both of these fabulous outfits can be worn with wedges.

Now, I’m quite aware of different styles that are suitable with these events so I’ll continue on past my own liking. Think light, this is the one time where a little bit of matronly garb can look appealing.
When you walk in with your pretty little linen dress and embellished flats, all eyes will be on your arrival. A maxi dress in a graphic print (not solid) will seize the day. A long tank dress, and loosely tied leather belt will enhance, enhance, enhance.

I urge you to ponder above and beyond the “wal-mart” wardrobe the other women have adopted for this occasion. Just because the crowd will be carefree doesn’t mean you have to be careless.

Guest blogger Goldie Goldie is a Public Relations student interested in Fashion Publicity and Reporting. Find out more at


  1. Denitra says:

    This is exactly my style. But I am guilty of hoochifying it every now and then depends on the BBQ. LOL

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