Did You Join the Inner Circle II Yet? Listen Up!


What a great call we had last night!

Former Inner Circle members joined it and shared their results, and new members signed on.  You all almost crashed the system!  No doubt this is one of the best kept secrets in town 😉

If you missed the call, you can listen to a recording.  Due to technical difficulties, please fast forward to 4:50 by pressing the number “3” on your dialpad.  You can also press “5” to hear the current location in the recording.  See below for playback details.

Playback Dial-in Number: 1-517-417-5603 East Coast
Playback Access Code: 269765

Conference Recording (click to download)

Wanna skip that and just sign up to change your life? Go here now!

See you in the forums!


  1. Heather S says:

    I read the first month and I am l-ov-i-n-g it. Between this and my new vision board I am fully loaded…

  2. Maureen says:

    When I came on this site I thought it was for African American women only. When I heard the call last night I was so relieved. I took some time to read almost all the blog last night and it applied even to my situations–all with nerdy, uptight Jewish men. I’m a rich white chick from the Upper East Side, single 32 and love this site. Learning lots here! (9 Tuesdays rocks!)

  3. Lourdes says:

    I logged on last night boy am I gonna be busy for the next few weeks! Love starting my new year out riiiigggght.

  4. RichGirlDDs says:

    I missed the call GOT THE PLAYBACK and didn’t want it to end–I WAS Really impressed BY THE LADIES WHO TOOK THE INNER CIRCLE. WOW

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