Did Obama’s Statement About Absent Black Fathers Turn Black Men Off Some More?

Something worth thinking about. I’m getting more mail from men telling me they feel so. Here’s an excerpt:

The recent speeches by Barack Obama I feel, lack sincerity, and reinforce the anger and resentment Black men already feel toward Black Women, and the society in general.
Brow-beating Black men, and referring to us as boys, becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy, and achieves the opposite of what we all want, which are more committed relationships between sisters and brothers….
Do comments like Obama’s further isolate black men from black women? When will black women take more responsibility for out of wedlock babies and lack of fathers in the home? It takes two to tango….


  1. Anonymous says:

    I dont think Obama’s comments should have offended anyone. Obama, expressed his opinion about the state of the black community in a blunt direct fashion which I think should be respected. The reality of it is Black Men are not there, Obama’s father walked away, my father walked away and many of my friends and family the same. I think Obama’s message was for the brothers to wake up and recognize
    what some of there decisions are doing to our community as a whole.
    But I believe whole heartedly that blacks need to stop making excuses, most blacks whom are not succeding always have a excuse of why, someone or something is the reason you can not find the job. Someone or something is the reason I dont raise my child/children. Someone or something is the reason I dont do anything to excel in life. Never do we say I dont know hoe and need help. Never do we say I didnt apply myself to the same degree as that person. Never do we as a black community deal with reality. Now dont get me wrong, I do understand the predjudices that exist in this world, some I have experienced up close and first hand. But it did not discourage me or deter me, if I new it was wrong I fought for what I thought was right. Just tired of all the excuses, yes, prejudices exist but nrealy as many as our community uses to excuse the ignorance and short commings.

  2. kokoesquire says:

    black men need to grow the f*** up. black men seem to always expect someone to exalt their behavior even though at this point is detrimental to themselves and our race. I wish I had time to get mad and blame others for all the negative statements that are made about black women.

  3. Jake Matthews says:

    It’s just a right or wrong thing. Women in any community, move the community, without women setting standards, guiedlines, etc…things get out of control.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Why do black women gotta do all the work in the community? I dont see any other women of other colors taking the community probs on their shoulders…or is it just me?

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