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Do You Want Him To Be At Peace Or Stay Home?

Gov. Sanford and...

Mrs.  Sanford clearly spoke too soon.

It took me some weeks to gather my thoughts on this.  Mrs. Sanford needs to let her husband, South Carolina Governor Sanford be with his love.  I read those emails and every word was from a man in love.  Now, I can understand Mrs. Sanford not wanting a divorce.  No one said she had to go that far.  But she needs to give this man his space to make a decision.  Nothing worse than fighting for a man’s love or living with a man who you have to keep, not one who wants to stay.  There is a BIG difference, one of them being less sleepless nights.

The Sanfords had their life, 4 sons, and all of that good stuff.   Now it’s time for a breather.  Many long term married couples do this.   It’s only the insecure ones who hold each other hostage.



  • hiphopmuse

    What’s the point in holding on to someone who doesn’t love you? The wife needs to cut her loses, file for divorce, get the paper, and get a new man.

  • EbonyLolita

    Yes, the wife looks soooo desperate in this case. He didn’t just cheat on her and his children. He expressed love for the mistress to the ENTIRE WORLD. It’s time to go and salvage your ego honey. Then he says, “I’m going to try to fall back in love with my wife.” GASP!!! The writing is not only on the wall but screaming in your ears. It’s over. She should grant the divorce b/c it should be an all or nada and he’s left her with NADA 🙁

    Love, EbonyLolita 😉

  • Maryann

    @Karen, no. The writing is on the wall with these two, and the wife isn’t letting go. Does she want to him to live in peace or stay at home? Obviously here, these two things cannot happen at the same time. When you love someone you want them to live in peace, thus creating your own peace.

  • Karen

    are u saying a man who strays is acceptable and the wife she let him do it?

  • The One

    I was waiting to c what you’d say about this and I agree. At first I thought her supporting him was a good idea but then she looked like a fool when the letters came out. Then she still supported him. She need to let the the man live in peace.

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