Dear Alphanista, I CONFESS….


These are the latest! It took me a while to gather these up.  The problem is that some of them I just cannot post.   Read it and weep….

1)  This may sound bad but I skip days between showers.  It really trip me out how women talk about how clean they are when they are with other women.  My mama taught me to wash and all that but I do wear the same panties 2-3 days in a row.  If you think that is a problem what about the women who need to shower everyday?  Now ask yourself, why?!  If am clean, what’s the point?  Thank God the dudes I date and sex don’t know!

2)  Everyone thinks I got money and that I am Ms. Perfect. I just got on welfare, get foodstamps, and can’t even afford to pay my rent.  Everybody wishes they were me.

3)I want to be a stripper.  If nobody knew my name I would.

4)  My girl just told me she’s pregnant.  Was planning to leave her before that.  Still am.  I just gotta wait till her birthday passes.

5) I have a crush on my friend, he’s married.  I sent some pictures of myself to his email acct the one he shares with his wife.  It’s the picture of my **** in his ****.

(doing the sign of the cross)

If you have a confession please keep it short and send it to  Everything is anonymous.  We get lots of emails, so please be patient. Thank you for sharing your secrets!

Only few days left to join the ALPHANISTA INNER CIRCLE!

Then the door closes! Exclusive For Members-Only.



  1. tender says:

    ni99a if you didnt want to BE with her,then y the f#ck did u hit RAW?! Now ya ass is stuck w/ her for the rest of yo life! That’s what u get for being so f#cking STOOPID! (yes,that was on purpose)

  2. babydoll says:

    I don’t get the last one.

    “It’s the picture of my **** in his ****.”

    Is it a man saying its a pic of my d*ck in his a**….like i can’t decipher the asterisks signs lol…

    It’s not that these confessions are tame. Its just confessions, which is stuff u don’t tell ANYBODY. It doesn’t have to be as severe as a murder ya know?

  3. @Maryann

    Yeah, #1 is pretty gross….

    I knew an escort who once told me that she had 2 clients in one day and didn’t shower between them. That’s some low down repugnant shit right there!

  4. Maryann says:

    @THC Like I said, I can’t post them all and thankfully I never received any of those yet! The first one is hilarious and not something i am sure she shares willingly lol

  5. Actually these confession are pretty tame. Now if someone comes on here and confesses to molesting their 10 year old niece or to a recent string of murders and robberies, then I’d be concerned.

    And to the chick that wants to be a stripper…… if you have the look, personality, and drive, then stripping could be a very good business opportunity. Getting the right people in your corner makes all the difference.

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