The Exclusive Alphanista “CurateU” Series


Attention: Alphas In Need Of Food!

For the last few weeks, I have been secretly working on a new Alphanista course that is my most ambitious project to date!

This is an intensive, build-up-from-the-floor-up, downloadable, three-part audio series curated with special “alpha-certified” resources and guidance just for you. It’s called “CurateU” I’m getting chills as I write because I know this is going to move lives!

The first phase “Grounding” begins the inner work with a cleanse, an exercise for both physical and mental to enhance the body, environment and mind. This phase is where we cocoon ourselves in nourishing support, guidance, resources, breaking down exactly what is ailing us, digging it up, and holding it with innate power. This phase is pure warrior style and will leave nothing to chance.

The second phase “Emerging” is where you experiment with the fresh, new “treatments” for your life that I share with you to enhance your sense of self, needs (not fantasies!) and current circumstances.

The last, enriching phase “Being” (Living Radically Free) is where you step into your emerging alpha selves and out with new ideas for income, business, love, well being, and your own rituals that I co-create with you.

The entire series includes instructional activities, daily rituals, business, financial, and home enrichment, as well as social circle cultivation where you advance your minds and bodies to live full out!

But before I roll out the red carpet on this one and put on the finishing touches, I want to get your interest. Let me know what you think of this? How would this best serve you?

Get on the pre-launch list below if this interests you even a little and you can leave your thoughts there. CurateU is the perfect next step for Alphanista because:

1) You get an affordable, valuable, high-content rich experience delivered to you with no effort on your part

2) It’s a great a “booster shot” for your life every few months to ignite it with new momentum and your own “magic”

3) You get another valuable support system with or without the Inner Circle

I will only announce this on a specific date and it will only be open for a 48 hour launch!  I know this will go quick because let’s be honest–I RARELY HAVE NEW PRODUCTS because I only believe in producing quality, not quantity!  SIGN UP BELOW to get an invite when it launches because I have only a limited number of downloads available.