“Comfort” Food To Heal the Alpha Soul

hamburger-macaroniWhew! Being Alpha is not easy.

With all the ups and downs we go through, we still show up for the party called life.  Below are some recipes to try this weekend, if you are feeling a little beat, a bit misunderstood, and very, very hungry:

One Ingredient Ice Cream–I fixed this last night with a dollop of cayenne-cocoa powder from my Paris trip last year.   It’s smooth like ice cream, and healthier, and cheaper!   Oui. Oui.

One Bowl Microwave Macaroni & Cheese–Perfect to eat in front of the television, weekend, late night eats.  It is as easy as it sounds, don’t complicate it!

Steak Sandwich W/Grilled Onions–Good w/glass of red wine.  Rustic-chic!

Thai Shrimp & Asparagus–Gotta have some veggies…

Hamburger & Macaroni–Say no to “Hamburger Helper” after you try this recipe. Mmm, with the little bits of chopped onions in the sauce, heaven.  I’m doing this asap.

If you’re not alpha, make this for someone who is.  We don’t accept just money and gifts, you know 😉

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