Why Didn’t The Secret Agent Guy Just Pay Her?

That is the main question here.

Last week, when I returned from my Belizean adventure the news story about the Secret Service Agents and the Colombian prostitute confused the hell out of me.  There are several firings and retirings because of this.  First, I just imagined how pissed this dude’s Secret Service buddies must be at him.  Why didn’t he just pay the girl!  That was a real, dumb amateur move.

If he had paid her, then she wouldn’t have caused that big fuss in the lobby and all.  That should be the story.  Not whether these men were married or not, or where Obama was.  From my understanding, Obama wasn’t even there and they were waiting for his arrival.  These agents were killing time in their own way.  Who are we to judge these men and their married lives (for the ones who were)?  That is none of our business.  You would be surprised at some agreements married couples make to keep their relationships going.  And how are these men a reflection of Obama’s management skills?

This article just makes matters more confusing.  Read it.  Where is the tension in this story?  So, the Secret Service guys had sex with women.  That’s the only bottom line I see.  Is that the violation?  Oh, wait.  Okay, then is it because they brought “foreign nationals” into the room?  They are really cutting the balls off these men for some reason.  And it doesn’t seem like it’s about what it appears to be about. Were there drugs involved, somebody beaten or hurt?  Or because it makes America look bad?  I thought that already happened, hmmm.  Wait, was she committing an illegal act?  But prostitution is legal in Colombia.  Just consensual, frolicking adults, maybe?

Again, dude shoulda paid the gal and been done with it.  I standby her.  She did a service and wasn’t paid.  That was wrong.  Many freelance writers can relate.


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