Catching A Sugar Daddy Online

With all the talk of meeting rich men and athletes (ugh, talk about the bottom of the rich man barrel, athletes…and rappers) on sites like Twitter, this came in from a long time Alphanista reader to broaden your scope, and meet one even while you sleep.  I love the prepaid cell phone idea!  Click here.  Enjoy…


  1. Nicole says:

    I am always meeting men with money (athletes, business men, etc.) the problem is I dont want to have sex or feel degraded. And I don\’t know the protocal or how to approach them with buying me things or even how to go about suggesting it. I want nice things and bills paid, so I feel like Im the package but I dont get the benefits. Pls Help!

  2. Not only is it hard work being a sugar baby, its hard work finding a sincere Sugar daddy who is willing to share his fortune with a stranger. Keep in mind that MOST men only flaunt their money to inflate their ego and get brownie points and maybe some Pussy. Men do EVERYTHING with the desire of getting pussy in the end, maybe not at the end of the day, but eventually they will want some.

    If you are interested in being a professional Sugar baby then I suggest working on your presentation.

    Looks, body-type, style, image, self-esteem….

    Rich men idolize trophies. Women, cars, nice homes, boats, ect…

  3. missing_pieces says:

    I had a friend mention about the sugardaddy/babby phenomenon blowing up the internet- this was a few years ago. My friend also told that the sugarbabies are not always in a sexual relationship with the sugardady- that is hard for me to believe since I am guessing that’s apart of the appeal of being a “kept woman” of a wealthy man. IDK, it’s possible, men can get lonely too.
    I am quite interested in this, not so much that I would consider pursuing this kind of work ( and I agree with THC it indeed IS work);Let’s just say I’m… curious. LOL.

    Maryann, I couldn’t agree with you more with all of these chicks blowing up dude’s spots on twitter or going on tabloid shows like TMZ and Extra (*ahem* all of them Tiger Woods’ hos and that retarded tattooed chick Jesse James was getting it in with) you can easily tell a “professional” from a two bit $2 tramp. Infidelity is nothing new of course and neither is a young woman profiting from the financial assistance/expertise of a wealthy, older gentlemen but women had more respect/reverence for the wife and family and knew how to play their position.

    It seems, IMHO, that if you want to succeed in this line of work, you need to know how to keep your mouth shut, listen and learn- but you can say the same about a lot of other professions too.

  4. EbonyLolita says:

    I need to do a little more homework and give myself a makeover. I might take this for a spin. Shewwww last time I checked I’m Sexy/Single/Free. BUT I’m not willing to be a SugarBaby to a married or attached man. I don’t want that type of Karma. But Good luck to the rest of the ladies.

    Love, EbonyLolita 😉

  5. Maryann says:

    @THC i agree, and one that comes to mind MAY BE the woman who recently blew up her sugar daddy on the billboard, but I tend to believe that even the most scorned sugar babies never tell, can’t bite the hands that feed you (even the next one!); the perks are based on knowing how to be discreet no matter what

  6. Those sites are hit or miss unless you have a history of being a legendary Sugarbaby.

    There are women out here on underground forums that have made this their career. They are very well known and successful Sugarbabies, and wealthy men seek them out as long-term GFE’s (Girl Friend Experiences). Some even call themselves Courtesans, usually taking the place of the wives and “significant others” at luncheons, meetings, and business events.

    It takes a LOT of work to be a good sugar baby. And I’m not talking low-end sugar babies that only get their hair and nails done by some dope-boy, athletes, and rappers. I’m talking women who live in mansions with million dollar trust funds and have accountants and attorneys at their beckon call.

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