POLL: Can Your Friend Trust You With Their Man?

womanbkgd1Things happen…

Man breaks up with long term girlfriend to be with her best friend.  Or, woman leaves husband to marry her friend’s man.  It may not be common place in the average neighborhood, but among the rich and wealthy this is the order of the day.

By the time that wife of that rich husband has died 4-5 of her friends will be at his door with a whip in one hand, and a bowl of chicken soup in another.  They are ready for the takeover.  But is all fair in love and war?  This is not elementary school.  In the big world of adults things happen. Love happens, and sometimes it isn’t neat and tidy.  Does this make the other people wrong?  Yeah, yeah, we’ve heard “reap what you sow”.  But tell that to the couples who are happily married now.

If there was an obvious connect between you and your friend’s man, maybe even love, would you go for it?  Could your friend trust you with her man?

Can Your Friend Trust You With Their Man?

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  1. tender says:

    I expect loyalty from everyone in my circle. If they fail me, they asses are out! It’s that simple. I’m done with them. If this is what I expect from others, then obviously, I’m giving it. Like someone said, there are too many men out here for that.

  2. shonuff says:

    Athena Nike, I’m with you on that, I keep it short with married men or men involved with my friends because I don’t want nobody to ever get it twisted. I don’t want nobody that is involved with my friends. Its too many men to pick and choose from and seduce if that is your twist but I do not have any desire to be with my friends man whether she is dead or alive. Some of these men out here already have an “S” on their chest because women go for whatever when it comes to men but its not that deep, men come a dime a dozen and for the most part when it comes down to it that man really ain’t gonna respect or trust you especially if you were a “friend” of his former woman.

  3. Athena Nike says:

    They are dead wrong for interferring in a relationship. Even if a woman is dumb enuff to be the rebound chic for her friends man when the friend dumps him to chase another fantasy. When she comes back around sniffing after the man, please respect the situation.
    I’ve learned not to have too much convo for married men outside of business relations, not cause I am weak but they are 🙂 Relatives spouses, church members, friends I keep it straight to the point, not discourteous or short, but I give no room for other intents to be insinuated.

  4. EbonyLolita says:

    I know that I have integrity and loyalty and I would never do something like this to a friend. However, I can’t speak to anyone else’s morals and values. I don’t introduce my mate to any of my friends b/c Women are naturally nosey and want to be able to dissect your mate and your relationship. I don’t talk about who I date unless it’s short & sweet. Ex: We went to dinner and it was nice or I’ll call u back he’s on the other line. Now, a lot of women are vindictive and necessarily don’t want your man, but they want the notch in their belt to say “Oh he’s not such a good brotha after all b/c I slept w/him.” I’ve heard too many women say things like this, including women that I call friends. Now, a lot of men will screw a hole in the wall so sleeping w. a friend and praying that it never sees the light of day is what most men would pray for. I don’t have time for either of the two. I’ve learned to keep what’s precious to me close to my chest. If a man’s gonna cheat he’s gonna cheat and it’s gonna heart. But, I’ll be damned if he sleeps w/my friend.
    P.S. I also have no interest in meeting my friends man either. If he lingers one 2nd too long then I’m branded as “What he staring at her for so long for.” So…I just wave and keep it moving. I noticed that men will let you meet their friends & family but don’t seem to let their best friend run errand with their girl and do things for their woman.
    Oh well,
    EbonyLolita ;)r

  5. Loving a bottom B says:

    This is my general view. The same way you get her will be the same way you will lose her. Therefore if you take someones mate there is a good chance someone will take them from you because they have already set the precedent that they can be taken by another.

  6. Brian says:

    wow – i guess i shouldn’t be shocked by these results. Guys are just as bad. In college, we had this guy. The word on the street was “Bill* will f*ck your girl!” You never let your girl anywhere near this guy, cause, he would, as the saying goes – bone her.

    I’m sure there are chicks like this too. My wife has a friend that I know she would never let be alone with me in the house. Not because she would do me, but because of her past – she’s a freak and deep down, my wife just doesnt’ know if she’s the type of chick that would f her husband.

    The other lesson here is: women – keep your game tight and take care of your man – cause appartenly, it’s open seaon on his a$$!

  7. Raya says:

    Wow at the results!

    Thankfully, my twin is my bestie and we like different types of men. I’m footballers, she’s bookish. However, like Mo’nique said: “When I leave the house, all these B*tches leave too. I don’t let any woman around my man”

  8. I would never willingly or knowingly hurt a friend. NEVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Too many men out there to go around for me to be sniffing someone else’s sloppy seconds. I do enough of that with my “alternative lifestyle”

  9. Minty says:

    @Joreather I agree! That is nothing but mind control. They say it comes outta the bible, but I bet it is a group of women who brought this to the masses of other women to keep them in check. It’s NOT working. All is fair, yes. Always has been always will. Deal with it.

  10. Joreather says:

    “Reap what you sow” is to keep people in check. Moreover, it is to inject fear. Not buying it anymore. Took me 27 years to feel this way.

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