Can An Alpha Female Be In A Polygamous Relationship? Yes.

First and foremost, and you’ll hear me say this a lot: Alpha females are more than a woman.  They are not typical females with typical responses and reactions to things.  They even believe they are not “women” per say and will always remind you that woman’s liberation was not her liberation because she was born liberated.  More on that later.

But back to polygamy.  For this type of situation to exist the alpha female in a polygamous culture has to be the dominant female among the wives.  Right now, we’ll focus on the polygamous arrangements in Arab and African countries (South Africa, Sudan, etc) and increasing in some parts of Asia (Thailand) that legally permit up to more than one wife, usually up to 4.  Polygamy is often toted for the household help and financial stability it gives to the wives.  With that said, the alpha female would have to be the first or the last wife.  No one ever forgets the first or the last in anything.  In a polygamous marriage the women help each other and are fully aware of each other’s role.  Her role would be very much like the alpha-female wolf.  She’ll watch over all the other females, and her husband.  She will dominate the other wives and use them to her advantage.  She will be the one they congregate around and wait for orders from. 

She will divvy up duties amongst the wives and have them so busy that when the husband comes around for some lovin’ they are exhausted.  The thing about the alpha female is that the other wives will let her do this.  They want to please her more than the husband.  When she is happy everyone is happy.  So, she may have wife Susan do the grocery shopping and drop off the products at each of their houses, wife Shanice will take the children to school in the mornings and prepare their lunches, wife Marlene will pick them up from school and help with homework, and twice a week, two wives take turns cleaning each other’s homes and babysitting the kids for the special night with the husband. What does the alpha female do?  She just stays alpha and keeps it all running like a well oiled machine.

We often say we would “never” do certain things, but we never know what life brings us.  An alpha female in a polygamous culture, who wants to marry is not going to let 3 other wives stop her.  She sees them as the help, not the competition. 

We can take this to another level and ask what are we letting get in the way of what we want from our lives?  Many times it’s not outside elements, but the element staring you in the mirror.


  1. Sandy says:

    It’s that hard out here for a black woman to consider a polygamous relationship?!?!?!
    talk about the face of desperation….I guess beggars cant be choosers, fortunately for me I dont fall into that category.

  2. ms. tee says:

    LOL! Um…I could definitely see myself running a harem. This goes back to why I don’t think I’d mind being in an open relationship. Let those chicks cook and clean and babysit while I inspire him to greatness through my intellect and creativity and help build our fortune. We’ll take good care of them ALL! LOL!

  3. Deyanna says:

    Luv This \”An alpha female in a polygamous culture, who wants to marry is not going to let 3 other wives stop her.\” LMAO. (If I was in a polygamous culture)

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