Can A Woman Seduce Another Woman?

madonna-gropes-kanyes-amber-roseWell, let’s look at one definition of seduction: to win over; attract; entice.  And another:  to lead or draw away, as from principles, faith, or allegiance.  With both of these definitions in mind, then yes.  And you should.

This has more to do with psychology than sex.  You did know, that there is more than 1 way to get things done in this world, and more than 1 meaning to everything.  Right?  Here, we’re focusing on “seducing” a woman who has something you want abstract that you want–be it friendship, access, or just someone good to have in your corner.

Seduction methods should be used on everyone.  In order to seduce anyone, you must be disarm them first.  Leave them vulnerable, and wanting more, so that they are easier to lead.  Among women, this can be something new, as women are trained to be “nice” to each other.  But in a world of high stakes, you can be nice, but you also need to know how to get your way with other women.  You need to be able to have them give you things that will you propel you.

Women hold the keys to lots of information–whether it be that handsome, wealthy man who is just become available, the position at the Governor’s office she’s scouting for, or just being close to someone whose advice can change your life and destiny.   Naturally, these types of women are normally suspicious of other women who come around.  They put up road blocks and keep their social circles tight and close knit.  But if there is anyone in this world who is going to stop you from getting ahead, it’s going to be another woman.

I’ve been “seduced”.   I’m an easy catch, tho.  But there are some women who will make you “earn” your stripes.    First, quickly bond with other women by using their same gestures, almost like with men.  Somehow, people subconsciously think you are “soulmates” when you do this.  It is also possible to have a soulmate of the same sex that is nonsexual, but that is another post.  Next, compliment her, ask questions and make her talk, even if you’re not listening to a syllable of it.  If you see something she likes whether in the store or other, tell her about it.   Also, touch her.  Studies show when you touch someone you talk to immediately forms an instant closeness or comfortableness.   Make sure it’s at the arm, or hair, don’t touch any other part of her if you don’t want to be embarrassed.

There may be women who want to take this further with you, as in sexual, be aware and prepared for that.  Furthermore, position yourself as a woman who has something to offer too, find out what she wants out of life or a goal, and tell her you already did it or have it.  Lie, if need be.   If she asks for it, then get it–pronto.  This is good to use to peek her interest even more.  Remember, to be valuable to anyone you have to have something to leverage.

Finally, be wise with who you do this with.  If you look at life as one big seduction game from the real estate agent to the bus driver, you’ll find people, and life, are easier to deal with.  Who said seduction should just be between lovers?  Women know women who are more “friendlier” than others.  So, don’t use this approach on someone who going to freak out because you touch their shoulder.  I don’t have to tell an Alphanista that and other obvious signs you should avoid.  I’m talking about dealing with power broking women, women who understand that the mind of a woman is very much like a man when it comes to seduction.  They will go along with the ride, enticed by your unusual ways.  They understand that at the end of board meeting, we all want results.

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  1. EbonyLolita says:

    Hmmm… I guess I’ve been known to do this in a non-sexual manner. However, a few females have started off “friendly” and then attempted to take it to a sexual level. I was told “you got the look like you like women” I’ll never tell but women shouldn’t assume that they’re always the type that one would want. I was recently at a department store and got the name/# of the Clarins manager. She told me she was having an upcoming event where there would be eligible, attractive & wealthy men and asked that I come. I’ll probably go, with a friend for safety reasons, and will make contacts from there. Good post though b/c with women it’s a fine line to tread b/c quite a few are catty. Good luck with venturing out ladies 🙂
    EbonyLolita 🙂

  2. Uju4eva says:

    Yes, this seems like something I do on the regular. It seems easier to talk with females then it seems with men. I think I’m more comfortable with women. But when it comes with men, I get a bit nervous but I still deliver the same game.

  3. Rochelle says:

    @Heather How can anyone mistake this? If you read Dee comments its basically the art of seduction, by appealing to somebody else’s interests. Why cant women be nice to other women without fear of being “mistaken”? If any woman’s mind is thinking that perhaps its what she really wants.

  4. Heather S. says:

    Interesting ANGLE. As much as you tried to make this nonsexual as possible I still think some women may mistake a woman doing this as flirtation. Especially these days. A chick has to be very swift to do this without being mistaken!

  5. DeeDee says:

    I just want to add not paid as in anything physical but like who they are where they are from and how they approach me. This one girl took me out to dinner and we had the best conversation ever, I revealed to her some personal info about myself, and she helped me sort things out. Before I knew it I was giving her the email addy of a well known athlete (he knows I do this and lets me) and well she is very happy now, and so am I. What did I get? A happy client and a possible friend who knows how to get hers.

    If she had just come up to me like she is better or too needy greedy, its a wrap. I want to be seduced! LMAO

  6. DeeDee says:

    Not to brag, but I have DEFINITELY been seduced by other women. I am a publicist for a major firm and I get invites to everything. I have had women practically throw themselves at me for tix, names, addresses, emails of some powerful women. I have given a few only after I feel they have paid.

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