The War Against Boys

waragainst-boysAlphanista Book Big Up: The War Against Boys..

This book touched on the “war” in America against men and boys.   It highlights disparities in communication, education, and social treatment and adjustment of boys compared to girls.  It explains how most funding goes towards programs for girls, when in reality, boys are the ones in trouble.    What happens when you have a nation of troubled boys (later men)?  Chaos.

Here’s an excerpt from

“It’s a bad time to be a boy in America,” writes Christina Hoff Sommers. Boys are less likely than girls to go to college or do their homework. They’re more likely to cheat on tests, wind up in detention, or drop out of school. Yet it’s “the myth of the fragile girl,” according to Sommers, that has received the lion’s share of attention recently, in hot-selling books like Mary Pipher’s Reviving Ophelia. When boys are discussed at all, it’s in the context of how to modify their antisocial behavior–i.e., how to make them more like girls.

I read this book some time ago and it confirmed my views that men are treated unfairly in America, probably more so than any other industrialized country.  They are made fun of, ridiculed, and depicted as clowns on commercials and sitcoms.  There’s always some woman scolding them, complaining her rights are being taken away or some other matter.  Men and women are pitted against each other as rivals.  This only hurts women. So crazy, only in America.


  1. Loving a bottom B says:

    Dam, you gained a lot of cool points with this one post. This is a real issue in my mind. We need balance on both side. Great post.

  2. Gladys says:

    I would like to read the book too, but the pendulum always swings back. At one point women were at a disadvantage now it is men.

    I have said it and i will say it again. The women’s movement needs to start a again, but this time it should be focused on redefining the roles of men and women in society and in households. Men have lost their place in society.

  3. mike says:

    I have to read this book. The Chris Brown and Rianna situation is a perfect example. People were quik to defend Rianna before the details even emerged. Radio stations have pulled his music and he has lost sponserships without hearing both sides. Although I believe a man should never hit a woman, there are women who have violently attacked men, stabbed, shot, maimed, severed members etc. Men have had to defend themselfs from attack at the hands of violent women in lots of cases that go unheard because of the stigma of being labeled soft. There is a grand conspriacy against the men here. I am glad someone is speaking out. Thank you Maryann. Another great post.

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