How I Got More Than A T-Shirt In Belize-Part II

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Many of you asked me about what I got from Belize.  Here’s a couple of things:


When we started my confined dives in the pool, my scuba instructor told me to swim some laps to test my swimming skills.  I was like, how far?  He said over to the 7 feet side.  My heart dipped.  But something took over.  I put on my fins and snorkel and did it.  After a minute, I couldn’t believe myself.  My body completely got in gear.  I didn’t sink, like my mind was telling me would happen!  I swam!


Scuba Diving was everything I imagined.  On my first dive, I had to do some test tasks under water, but hearing myself breathe was comforting.  Fish and sharks, yes, sharks followed me and my instructor.  It was like being one with every living thing in the water.  I mean, some fish were so close in my face, I had to duck.  That was fun.  I thought I would panic at the feeling of being “trapped” under water or claustrophobic.  These were things I told myself based on past experiences. But, I felt powerful, that I could do anything.  I was at rest in another world.  Dreaming.



I climbed one of the Mayan ruins and it was like hundreds of feet in the air.  I had always known I was scared of heights.  But not how much.  If you have vertigo, then you know that overwhelming feeling that comes over you up high.  That means I have to scrawl or support my back against a wall.  I didn’t crawl, but I supported my back when I was at the top.  I took deep breaths.  I stayed with the fear and controlled my thoughts.   And I couldn’t get down fast enough!



If you are a reasonably intelligent woman you will be treated so good anywhere you travel.  People wanted to take care of me.  They opened their doors for me, waited for my returns, served me with kindness, and let me into their lives and thoughts.  I felt like a star at times.  One night I was at a bar, and it was filled with couples.  I pulled up a chair and the bartender said, “dessert again?”  And we laughed.   I was there before, same seat and ended up chatting with another  woman whose husband was in a decompression chamber, and a couple.  It was easy, breezy.  He hooked me up.   There, eating my dessert, licking my fingers and all, enjoying the sea breeze, several people’s eyes followed my every move, a few had kind comments at my decadent plate.  And you know what, it felt so good.   Not critical eyes, but curious eyes.  After I was done, after taking my sweet time enjoying my fried bananas dessert with coconut ice cream and browsing a magazine, I said my goodbyes.  “I’ll be back tomorrow night, same place, same time”, and put my drink down with a confident thud.  Everyone just turned to watch me and waved. Walk in the world like you belong.



My body was there for me.  It withstood the risks.  With diets, rigid exercise, and unhealthy practices we demand all the wrong things from our bodies.  But it is an iron horse.  Complete as it is RIGHT NOW.  It just opened up my spirit for more adventure.  My soul, skin, hair, nails and body flourished in the sun.  I was already looking good, but dropped several inches.  This was me all the way.



Don’t wait for answers to your problems. The only answers you’ll get will reflect that desperate energy you are putting out.   The only way to fix your problems is to leave them alone.  Live in the moment.  I’m back now, and still don’t have the answers, but I don’t care as much.  I know I will be taken care of.  I am doing my part and that is living my life to the fullest.  The best things that have happened to me were unplanned.  My intuition has never let me down, only when I ignore it do I get stuck.  Ain’t that the truth!  I didn’t plan this vacation a year in advance. I didn’t save months and months.  I simply did what I did.  I conceived.  I thought about it, and the means presented themselves.  Deep thinkers, out there know.  Alpha females know.  We hardly ever plan, and if we find ourselves getting obsessive with plotting, it means we need to slow down.  We are known for taking chances.



My trip was seamless.  Just flowed.  When I was coming back home, I felt some anxiety with the checks and all that airport stuff. It’s just natural and airports hold that kind of energy like hospitals.  So, it’s no surprise to fall for it even if you have no worries.   There were several times when I saw “mean” looking agents, not talking to folks or giving eye contact. Just grabbing passports and not looking up.  But when I approached, I was lucky to get their “happier” side.  Several of them welcomed me back to America, and it felt good!  One was like “Welcome Back! I hope you had a great trip!”  It was a great way to return home despite all the airport drama we hear on the news.  And one TSA agent hugged me!  Yaaass!  Some laughed with me, everything.  And it wasn’t like I was chatting them up first, our paths just crossed.  It’s like the more energy you have to give the more you receive back.  Good energy.  If you don’t experience good people, you’re not radiating.   Fortunately, you can change that.



This trip was enchanted.  I felt completely free, confident and owned every step I took.  I saw many couples and I didn’t envy them.  I know what that’s like. I saw other single people and I didn’t want to be with them. I know what that’s like too.  I just loved my own skin.  I couldn’t think of a cooler person to be with.  I was completely WHOLE on this vacay.  I didn’t question things or feel timid or out of place.  Completely whole.  Not good, not bad.  WHOLE.



–I met wonderful people.  Some I cared to know more than others.  People were always asking me how it’s going, how am I enjoying this and that.  I chose a great location to stay, Changes in Latitudes.  A paradise within a paradise.  Bare bones, clean, and soulful.

–I learned that I require lots of natural energy–home cooked food, water, breeze, outdoors.  I easily absorb the energy of others and places.  I need sustenance and new experiences to “detox” myself.  Get out there and live.  No one I met on my trip had a Facebook profile lol.  Enjoy the world.

I will end this series with some tips that you can plan your own “detox” trip.  Check out pics.




  1. Sarystal says:

    At 43 he’s got just a hint of grey in his beard that lets you know he’s mature, but with that lean athletic body that looks better than a lot of men half his age, and a sharp sense of fasion thats not too over the top and can carry him in any environment he just attracts attention period…everywhere he goes. I LOVE hanging out with him…lol

  2. Maryann says:

    @Sarystal looks do count and it does need to be mentioned….good looking people have an easier time in life period…there are STATS to support this so if anyone reads this don’t get mad at ME do the research… I am not surprised by your friend too…if only I had the time!

  3. Sarystal says:

    I do believe to a certain extent that if you’re attractive and nice and have decent conversation…people will be intrigued and be nice to you. I’ve experienced moments of generosity on solo trips with complete strangers, and a close male friend of mine is an EXPERT at living this way. He travels extensively and hooks up with all kinds of people…hardly has any money of his own but his “connections” are fab.

    Glad you enjoyed your trip lady!

  4. IfUKnewLA says:

    Maryann you are giving away all our secrets! UGH! Just playing but really why would you want to share these with minions? This is how women especially ATTRACTIVE and I am not just talking looking good get things in life. I wont add to the fire by getting into it but this is how I became who I am today and when I come back home I am always 3 steps ahead. Can\’t we just keep everyone thinking how expensive and hard this is hehehehehe.

  5. Betty R. says:

    Really with the TSA? Gives me hope. I am OVER 40 and have NEVER taken a vacation solo. If it is not with a man or friends I would not know what to do with myself. I am overweight not attractive and dont have that kind of light people are drawn to only crazies. I have a good job and I am funny though. And I don’t care anymore! I am going!

  6. CSB says:

    Since I was a teen I have been traveling solo. After each trip I experience some kind of breakthrough in my life. It saved me.

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