My Enchanted, Alpha “Detox” In Belize

This must have been the most perfect vacation I have ever experienced during one of the most difficult times of my life.

I was at a point where I needed answers.  I was putting out energy when I wasn’t getting any back.  I was depleting myself, growing tired and weary.  I also wanted to “detox” from all the stress and stagnant energy.  I looked to meditation after a very dear spiritual friend, reminded me to go back within, a place I am very comfortable being.   I started to get scenes of water and me underwater completely safe and nurtured.  It gave me a feeling of protection.  But I didn’t pay it much mind.  I could barely swim in more than 5 feet of water (or so I thought, funny the limits we put on ourselves!).

I had never had an urge to scuba dive and the last time I snorkeled in Acapulco I almost panicked.   Soon after, I got a strange email about a scuba diving trip in The Maldives.  This is proof that you shouldn’t cancel all those junk emails.   I clicked on it and called out of curiosity and they told me it is only for certified divers.  That little bit of info began my journey.  I only get more determined when I am denied anything.

My bday was a few months away and I knew I didn’t want to go into it feeling like I was.  My intuitive self needed to be fed and let out to play.  When your intuition is in charge your life opens up.  And it wasn’t going to be on a trip where I am lounging on the beach with a cocktail or strolling the streets of a foreign country ( looking in windows and cafes) wishing I was with someone.  Boo!

I made the goal of getting my scuba diving certification the center of my trip.  It gave me something to start and complete.   I checked out spots from Thailand to Honduras.  Growing frustrated, I was going to settle on the Florida Keys.  But something pushed me further out of my comfort zone, and I kept searching for the “perfect” place.  My decisions lately have been off course (at least that is what our ego tells us), so I was like, damn, am I just gonna make another bad decision here?  So, I stopped looking.

Then, I started to meet people who told me I needed a vacation.  I was like, how do they know?  This was something I knew all along, but fear was about to sabotage another idea.  I finally chose Belize.  It wasn’t a place I fantasized about, but all my scuba dive searches were mentioning it as the best place for a newbie to be certified.  Belize was also an exotic place, still pure from commercialism, still authentic, almost mysterious.  I chose simple accommodations (I will give info later) with bed and bathroom.  I wanted a place where I can meet others over breakfast of hot, handmade johnny cakes and hearty eggs and black beans.  And small enough that if I disappeared folks would know.  Where I stayed only had six rooms!

Oh, and I never thought of asking anyone to come.  The last thing I needed was someone to deal with.

I packed lightly and practically to take care of myself.

I wanted this trip to be full of adventure and activity.  Keep me on my toes.  Push me.  Scare me.  Free me.

(Stay tuned for Part II to this series.  Check out my pics on Facebook)


  1. Renee says:

    Glad to hear about your trip Maryann. I love your writing style (it reads like my own thoughts). I can’t wait to read more!

  2. Maryann says:

    @Ebonnie i started planning a few months before my bday too.

    @Sarystal and I want to hear all about it…even a day trip.

    I really dont think this trip would have been the same with friends or even a partner. There are times for that and times for something else.

  3. Ebonnie says:

    waiting with bated breath :)…feeling the need of a detox myself big bday coming in a few months!

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