Basketball Trash, Err Wives

I finally sat down in front of my computer last night to see this mess.

Before I begin, I like the show concept and all that.  I didn’t expect to see a show with charity dinners and women tending to their gardens!  But I mean, the coolest chick right now is Suzie.  She is eating those free meals at those restaurants the show sends them to, and she is good.  I can do that.  Put me on the show, and tell me what restaurant I need to show up at, and I can nod and eat at the same time.  And make big, googly eyes at bad news.  My part is done.  No knocking down Suzie at all!

Now, I love Royce.  She is hella sexy, confident and funny.  But she needs to move on.  She has no product that is viable that she is pushing.  All she is getting is a production check, and she has some talent.  She wrote a book.  Girl, put that cover on a t-shirt, wrap a little hooptie with it and promote your shish.  Evelyn got the right idea, but the wrong words.

This new girl Meeka or whatever is so out of place.  You can see that she is trying.  Did any of you notice how her voice changed to “hip-hood girl” when she met with Royce?  LOL.  Chile.  I could see right through any weakness like a laser.  And her hair.  Blech.

If they want to take this show to another level they need Dwayne Wade’s ex-wife.

That’s all.


  1. Sarystal says:

    I too would like to see a little more “class” from these so-called “ladies”…but y’all saw what happened to the Real Housewives of D.C…not enough “drama”

  2. Ebonnie says:

    lol too funny…so my second time watching the show bc I fell asleep the first time. I do agree the concept of the show is great but these broads are a hot f-n mess!….NOT feeling this Meeka chick at all and its only been one episode…Now I am team Tammy and I like her style even the hood side of her….I use to be team Jennifer until she let those bitter azz broads get all up in her ear and her business….not sure if I can take much more of these basketball non-wives…now gimme a show with Cookie Johnson, Debbie Allen, Juanita Jordan and some of the other old-school basketball wives and I guarentee I will not fall asleep.

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