Bad Girl Spring Time Challenge


By Te-Erika Patterson

It’s that time of year again, when resolutions wear off and reality sinks in that maybe setting lofty goals isn’t such a good idea.  Before you beat yourself up about not being where you feel you should be in life right now, try adding these 4 bad girl spring time challenges to your To-Do list and watch how tasty your life becomes.

A New Bra

Nothing feels better on your body than brand new underwear. Skip the sale at Walmart and splurge on a “good bra” from a specialty store. Stand in the mirror, smile and celebrate the most notable signature of your womanhood.

A New Romantic Interest

It really doesn’t matter if you have a significant other (as long as you don’t cross the line to being deceitful) opening your eyes and recognizing a nice hot body or an intellectually stimulating being can be just what you need to revitalize your life. Go ahead and fantasize, make love, make millions or whatever else gets you excited. Keep your crush a secret from everyone, including your best friend. By developing a new romantic interest without feeling the pressure to act on your desires or rope someone in you get to enjoy that goosebump feeling of being in love and the tantalizing naughtiness of embracing something new and forbidden.

A New Good Luck Charm

Dark clouds mean rain, black cats means bad luck and if you step on a crack you break your Mama’s back- or will it? Did you know that YOU define the lucky and unlucky symbols in your life? Choose a new symbol that you don’t see regularly, it could be a red balloon or a butterfly or even a cherry red sports car. Since YOU determine your luck or perceived failures, decide that when you see your chosen symbol it is a signal that a blessing is on its way into your life. You don’t have to pay any special attention to your surroundings, just go along your daily routine as you usually do. But, when you happen to spot your lucky charm, blow a kiss to the sky and watch out for your blessing because it is surely on its way as long as you believe it is.

A New Rule To Break

Alphanistas are infamous for breaking rules so we’re no stranger to scandal and wide eyed stares so before the sun starts shining everyday and flowers begin to bud and bloom.  Choose a rule that you said you’d never break and then dive headfirst into it. You could quit your job without having another lined up, say ‘I Love You’ first or even walk up to the hottest guy in the room and ask him out on a date. Rules mean nothing unless you see the consequences of them being broken and consequences don’t have to be a bad thing. Search your heart for a steadfast rule that you adopted because it was ‘the right thing to do’ and then….at the very least, you’ll be the one with the bad girl story to delight your friends.

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  1. Deja says:

    I CANT WAIT FOR THE SPRING. I AM SO DEPRESSED IN THE WINTER. I can barely get myself out of this funk this post was definitely something to look forward to, a bra is easy at least I don’t have to get out of the house to buy one.

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