Are Black Women Angrier At Casey?

All last week I could not help but notice all the black women on CNN, and other major networks speaking out, upset, and frustrated at the Casey Anthony verdict.

One or two black women, and I was like okay, maybe they just happen to be there.  Then, 3, 4 and until every other person “speaking out” was a black woman.  Then it hit me.  Could it be that they think black women would be angrier than most because of the verdict?  But no one asked that.  So, let me ask, are black women more disappointed?  If so, it is probably because they think that if it were them being acussed they’d be sent down chit’s creek about 3 years ago

Check out what Feministing says:

Simply put: Casey Anthony was not acquitted because she is white. If all of the facts, evidence, and jury in this case were the same but the Anthony family were a black family, it is still likely that little black Casey would have been acquitted.

Really?  I hope we don’t find out.

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