Are Alpha Females Happier Than Other Women?


Unlike the Alpha-Male who has extensive studies on his conduct and behavior, the research on the alpha female, a peculiar type of woman is still limited. But more and more women are finding out that the traits of the alpha female spell success and they want it.

An alpha female in our society is one that men find intriguing and women tend to hate. That is because they will get all of the attention of the available men around due to her mysterious ways. You will find that the alpha female isn’t always the most beautiful or the one with the best personality either. Instead there are certain traits that an alpha female has that tend to make her role one that others would love to have.

You will find that an alpha female is extremely sure of herself. She doesn’t doubt for a moment that she has the ability to get any man she wants. She also feels that she deserves to have only the best. She isn’t willing to settle for anything less either.

Alpha females are more likely to be happier than other women, or beta women. According to a recent survey I did of 100 women, who considered themselves alpha, and, 100 women who were not, the alpha females were 62% happier than the average woman. Average women scored only 47% on the “I am happy with my life right now” scale.

An Alpha Female is:
• A woman who does not let others negativity get to her
• May or may not be physically attractive but others are drawn to her because she is confident
• A woman who takes the lead and enjoys challenges, learning new things that make her more interesting
• A woman who is motivated and leads a healthy lifestyle
• A woman who respects herself and wants to own her sexuality, and learn how to use her feminine power to get her way with almost anything

Alpha females are also more likely to get married or have a fulfilling relationship because they know how to articulate their desires and design their life with pointed goals and revised game plans. She is not one to blame others. Alpha females are also more desirable by men because of their supreme, but quiet confidence.

The average woman tends to find herself living life by default and feeling like she has no choice or control over her circumstances. Because of this, they are more prone to depression, loneliness and uncompleted tasks.

Alpha females are not necessarily more attractive or more educated, but they reach the same levels of success as if they are. According to the survey, an alpha female with little education is far more likely to succeed than the average woman in the same shoes. It boils down to her unique attributes many of which are learned, and several that she is born with.

Unfortunately, many women do not know that most of the women they admire—Oprah, Martha Stewart, Michelle Obama, Madonna, and Marilyn Monroe, just to name a few, were all alpha females.

As more women learn the importance of becoming an alpha female or living like one, they will have access to a path less traveled, and one that is full of more glitter and gold.  Are you ready?