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womanfashionBy Guest Blogger, Goldie

My friends all have inspiration boards.

Clippings of expressive quotes, objects they desire, and lifestyles they want. I absolutely love the idea but I can’t seem to focus on the broad scheme of things. After a certain amount of time, My collages become  decorated with only shoes and outerwear. So, eventually I stopped fighting my infatuation and began clipping magazines and saving images on my computer.

What I did was create an inspirational lookbook with  images from designers and street style sites that inspire me. In a wardrobe creative rut, I look through my folder of wonders. I even labeled it a quirky little name so I remember I’m about to be in a fashion nirvana. It puts me in the right mindset to attack my closet once again. This creative lookbook will introduce you to new style ideas and help you create your own unique looks.

How do you create your own creative lookbook? Easy! In printed form, find a sturdy journal or notebook. You’ll need only the best of the best clippings that you can acquire. Sometimes people forget the saying “quality over quantity”. You don’t have to fill your pages with DVF wrap dresses just because they are wrap dresses and EVERYONE loves wrap dresses. This is about your mental stimulation, not the masses. If it does not grab your attention and keep you intrigued, it doesnt deserve to be in your presence. My favorite printed mags are British Elle, Suede (R.I.P.), Marie Claire, I-D, and various others I pass by in the airport.

Veerring back onto topic, I take my clippings to the next level by cutting the image out with artisitc border and strategic placing. Certain ways of folding a large image into your strudy notebook can bring some flair.

A digital lookbook is less creative. I don’t use any software to create these artistic collages. A simple right-click(I’m a PC) and “save image as” will do just fine. You can view the images in a slideshow or frequent your collection at any time. Online, I like to collect my ideas from everywhere.,,, and many others. I can’t give away too much, I like things to be mine and mine alone.

I try to choose outfits as opposed to pictures of one particular object because that’s where the creativity comes into play the most. One can take a simple long-sleeve gentlemen’s cardigan, wear it backwards so her back is exposed with buttons trailing down, and shrug the sleeves up for a a relaxed hipster feel. I saw a pic of someone’s unusual creativity and I went bananas.

This creative lookbook will take your wardrobe to the next level. You will see innovative ideas from all over the world and be able to access them whenever you feel the need. It’s like making your own creative fashion heaven. It can’t get any better than that, than if you had the real thing.

This is for the women who doesnt mind adding a bit of “wow” factor to her outfit. You don’t have to wear every color under the rainbow in spandex and lycra to be visually appealing.

Guest blogger Goldie Goldie is a Public Relations student interested in Fashion Publicity and Reporting.  Find out more at

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  1. Dutch says:

    I also love British magazines, too. This is for a very orderly person, but I’d still give it a try.

  2. ChiLawyerGirl says:

    Great blog, I have this and that makes 3 boards in my house. It just amazes me how some women are a natural at this stuff and others aren’t. Whoever this blogger is she is definitely in the right field.

  3. Misty says:

    What a wonderful idea. My own Look Book. Tired of going through my closets and can’t find nothing. When I go thru mags and see stuff I clip it and lose it. THAT PIC IS HOT, by the way!

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