An “Alpha” Thing To Do: Clearing

A little Alphanista In the Making As She Welcomes Spring
A little Alphanista In the Making As She Welcomes Spring

Now is the time to spend decluttering your environment like discarding and organizing stuff.  I cannot tell you how many things I put on Ebay after doing this.

That feeling you get when you “clear” is the same feeling you’re looking for all day—control, reassurance, freedom, accomplishment.  What we’re looking for is always right there to be had.

These feelings raise the energy and begin to seek out the things that you want.  Meaning, nature abhors a vacuum, so it will go out and fill it.  As you “clear” you focus on what you want which is the reason for the clearing, and it acts as a magnet moving those things toward you.

Another way things may clear is by force—loss of job, loss of relationships, loss of health, even loss of purpose, etc.  Let these things fall away as they are freeing up the energy to manifest new things.

Here are some clearing tips:

1.  Set up schedule to do some kind of clearing every day or every other day for 15 minutes.  It can be physical or mental and part of your morning routine.

2.  Get on a detox or weight loss program, if you are unhappy about your weight,  like Medifast. You’ll release the negative energy/weight.  On Medifast, you need to make a commitment for a better you because you drop serious weight with it!  You deserve to feel good about your appearance. Use this link Get 2 weeks of Medifast FREE! (Enter code GetTwo)

3.  Begin the 9 Tuesdays Let Go Plan to remove stale relationships and open the road for a new one.  It will help bring you clarity and direction in your love life without leaving the house!

4.  Implement some kinds of bed time ritual–a bath, 2 minutes of decluttering or wiping down the bathroom sink, and you’ll see yourself feeling better and your home looking cleaner.

5.  Clear out your finances.   If you are unemployed, call your creditors and set up those payment plans now.  If you are constantly in overdraft at the bank, open up a new account someplace else (pay your negative balance first) to act as a step into a better direction.  That old account may be cluttered with all your debts.  If you are in a bind and your only option is bankruptcy.   Get that sorted out now.

Unfortunately, very few people, except the successful ones, know the power of energy, pointed thinking, and the effects it has on their life.  And we’re not talking about getting a check to make ends meet, we are talking about miraculous change, change that can upgrade your lifestyle, and your children’s lifestyles.  Big things.

At the end, all you need to do is a few little things to get that breakthrough.


  1. The Boss says:

    I do this every season. I think if folks spent at least a week or so working on their weight issue for during each season they will have much healthier bodies. Thats what I do. Every season I change my eating habits for a week, get on a plan, sometimes longer than a week, but no more than 2 and shed some weight. I have to do this, because I love food. Its no more than 5-10 pounds. Medifast is the truth for those big girls.

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