An “Alpha” Thing To Do: Clearing (Part I)

cloudy_skyWe all know about cleaning the house, but how much do you know about what happens while you CLEAR?

There are two types of clearing—mental and physical.  Mental clearing is when you unpack all the negative thoughts and emotions that run through your “alpha” skull all day and all night.  For most people, there are only 2-3 dominant negative emotions like “I can’t, I have to, I don’t have” that run through your mind under different disguises most of the time.  The clearing process with that is exhausting, if anyone is interested in the template, you can download it here.  The results are real because thinking is feeling is being.   To move forward in life your thinking has to be very clear, very pointed so that the energy can organize around what you want.  Most successful athletes and business people call this focus.  But it isn’t easy to be focused 24/7 (even in your dreams) if you don’t know how.

So, you have this “alpha” female in a bind.  She’s broke, about to get evicted, has no job, has 3 months to come up with the money.  What does she do?  She exhausted friends, job prospects, “creative ideas”, and is tired of “making it happen”.  She lets go and hands it to higher source, the Universe, God, or whatever you want to call it.  To attract this influx of energy into her life, she rolls up her sleeves, and gets to work.  She turns herself into a walking magnet of good “luck”.

What I mean is, she gathers her inner resources, about the only thing she can get a hold of and starts to practice some wonderful things while at home.  She does her clearing practices, plus treatments and demonstrations.  Wonderful things begin happening—more people come into her life, a job offer that changed her tax status, and a windfall check from an old settlement she had forgotten about.  She was out of the apartment and in a house in 3 months, just about the time it would take the average person just to attempt to save a bit of money.  Her change is miraculous.  That’s what you want.  No crumbs….


  1. Sherryberry says:

    This is exactly what I want to happen in my life, I want to rely on my inner resources and my higher power to get what I desire. I am working on it but it’s so hard to let go. However, I know I can do this- Maryann, that’s why I bought your ebook. I plan on doing the treatments and clearing exercises. This is my time to get it together and I definitely need a clearing. Great post!

  2. Joyce says:

    This is excellent, I practice this every season. So good to know I’m not alone on this its so much more.

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