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gymBy Guest Blogger Zabeth

During the winter months outdoor activities become more of a challenge. A gym membership can prove to be very valuable. The monthly membership usually covers:  access to equipment, classes, pool, spa, and personal training. Most people don’t utilize all the gym has to offer.

You don’t get a tight body by running on the treadmill alone, oh no. The ideal workout should consist of:

– A warm up.

·         –  Weight Lifting

·         –  Moderate to intense cardio (that means running and not walking), about 30-40 minutes.

·         –  Stretching/cool down
Make the gym your play ground with these 3 steps:

1.)  Get in the Weight Room with the Big Boys

Add resistance training to your workout. Don’t be intimidated and avoid the predominately male weight room that few women dare to venture into.

Women often forgo lifting in favor of endless cardio for fear that lifting weights will make them look like men. It won’t. Women don’t build muscle the same way men do because we don’t have enough testosterone. In fact, you’ll start to notice the opposite happening. By exercising your chest muscles your bust will get a natural lift- no surgery required. Working your calf muscles will make your legs look sexier in a stiletto. Training your upper body will create a nice silhouette in a sleeveless or backless dress- ala Michelle Obama. Further, muscle is more metabolic than fat. That means the muscle you build will help you burn calories all day long. Women who have that masculine-body-builder type look are usually on strict high protein diets, engage in a strenuous workout regimen, and are usually taking some type of hormone.

Also, consider subbing swimming for lifting weights. The resistance provided by the water makes for a good full body workout. Who hasn’t done several laps in a pool and then felt sore the next day?

2.) Don’t Forget About Cardio

Cardio is still vitally important for weight management; but cardio alone won’t help you build a good body. The treadmill, elliptical trainer, and stair master are your best bets here. Also consider classes like stepping, dance aerobics, and spinning to break the monotony. It’s best to combine cardio with lifting. To achieve muscle tone and a leaner body you’ll want to use a lighter weight with higher repetitions (i.e. 3 sets at 15-18 repetitions).

3.) Get a Personal Trainer

A few personal training sessions are usually included in your membership. Trainers knowledgeable in diet and exercise mechanics can be very helpful- especially if you’re a novice. A trainer can also help you with your exercise form. Improper form can make your workout entirely pointless or lead to injury.

Alphas make use of every opportunity presented to them- the gym is no different. Maximize your fitness by taking advantage of all the gym has to offer. No pain, no gain- if you don’t feel sore the day after a workout, you didn’t really work out.

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  1. EbonyLolita says:

    I love the gym. But it’s true in the Winter it becomes more of a struggle. Excuses like “It’s toooo Cold, or the Snow is Tooo Much” fall into my lingo. But as long as I can maintain what I can at home then the gym is a backup plan in the heavy Winter month. By Spring I kick A$$ at the gym about 3x a week. But, Ladies do what works for you at a level that’s manageable.

    Love, EbonyLolita 😉

  2. Renee says:

    Great post!

    Also, ladies who are in college should make the most of their gym experience (you pay for it anyway) and workout with Sport/Fitness Science majors. It’s like having a personal trainer for free! College campuses also have salad and vegan bars. Substitute pizza for dark green salad during your lunch and you’ll notice better digestion and clearer skin.

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