Alphanista Watch: Teyana Taylor

teyana[Editor’s Note: We’re Still Watching Bonified “Alphanista” Status Not Confirmed] By Guest Blogger, Goldie

Dear Teyana Taylor,

I get it! You want to be comfortable in your skin and show your Billionaire Boys Club rep. However, you are a woman now. One with great boobs, nice shaped butt and abs one would kill for. So why do you dress like a boy?

Ladies, I’d like to dissect Teyana Taylor’s style. A product of Harlem and dancing, she definitely has displayed confidence and skill in her career. However, she isn’t getting the hype she deserves. She has a unique voice and approach to music. My only concern is she dresses like a boy. I know she’s probably saying, “This is me. I won’t conform to society’s views of what a young singer should look like.” Yet and still she is working in an industry that requires one to be liked by society because society buys your product, you!

Look at someone who SHOULD be her competition, Rihanna. Yes I know they are two different artists but if Teyana took her image seriously, they would be sharing record sales. Rihanna has been carefully crafted. She wears the hottest, funkiest, yet feminine gear to date. Even when Rihanna wears sneakers you can see the difference in how people accept it. They do not post her candids as much on blogs and they most certainly don’t have as many inquiries, curious about who makes her wardrobe pieces. Shouldn’t that let Teyana know something? To be accepted in the music industry one has to dress the part.

The hair, proud and big, can stay. But the jeans and sneakers with a flannel top simply will not do. We, the people can simply skip a few aisles down and see Day 26 for all that.

As soon as she donned a Herve Leger dress and heels there was more attention paid. Then when she recently styled her own shoot wearing sexy garb and “pumping gas” at a old run-down gas station she looked HOT! She has a great body and it was about time she showed that off.

Women need to dress like women and stop being “one of the boys”. It’s an age old tale, they treat you like a brother, without giving you a second look. Teyana, please! Trade those sweats for a mini skit and sneaks for heels. It will do you some good!

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  1. faith says:

    you sound ridiculously stupid and close-minded. no, she doesnt get any recognition but thats obviously because her record company isnt doing their job. i\’ve worked in the music industry for years. that has nothing to do with her as a person, when teyana came out she was hot, and then she dressed the same. nothing has changed. its just lack of publicity and organization on the labels part. the way she dresses makes her, thats who she is, if you dont like it get over it. think about beyonce, really shes not such a great singer as a performer. shes known best for her performances on stage not her vocal talent.

  2. KO says:

    Teyana\’s swagg is what makes people notice her. Rhianna\’s music and accent is what makes her stand out in peoples\’ heads. I like Teyana\’s style it\’s different. She\’s like the younger female kanye west style wise, of course. Rhianna\’s fashion choices won\’t make a lasting impression in people\’s heads…its boring.

  3. SHAWN says:

    Her style is hot and that picture above is two years old I saw it was in Teen Vogue. Teyana Taylor does not care waht people think. Thats why her fans support and stand behind her, shes her own person it doesnt matter what these bloggers or record labels say about her she still continues to do her own thing.

  4. Toi Duckworth says:

    I agree with Goldie’s assertion about accentuating one’s femininity. Especially in entertainment, if you ain’t showing what you got, no one is paying attention to you. Maybe not fair, but that’s what it is. Image matters in everyday life AND onstage.

  5. golide says:

    @thc i believe if she got some voice lessons to fine tune that husky voice, she’d be on point with hers. one can be taught to develop a style as long as they have a foundation

    @gina rihanna was just a example of an “okay” artist getting MAJOR recognition.T’s style is cute and fun but when you think of your fav artist, does she even come across your mind? she doesnt leave a lasting memory. just as soon as she enters your thoughts, she exits out the next ear just as swift. no lasting impression.
    lady gaga
    pussycat dolls

    those are some lasting efforts in style. may not be good but they last

  6. Gina says:

    I like Teyana’s style. It’s edgy and fun. Not everybody wants to dress like Rihanna or Amber Rose.

  7. Ummm, Nah!

    Her kinda voice and music comes a dime a dozen. Nothing really fresh about her sound, look, or image…NOTHING!

    I can see if she was an Amy Winehouse type singing some truly GOOD music, but she’s a carbon copy of the same ole sounding hip Hop shit that’s being over played to DEATH!


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