Alphanista Spot: Marbella

Save up a few more paychecks and head out to Marbella.

I visited the city in 2000 and it is by far one of the most laid back, jet set places I ever travelled.   Marbella also inspired some scenes in my book Use Me Or Lose Me. Laid back and jet set are not one in the same.   Meaning you can be comfortable in your flip flops and shorts and blend in with the rest.  As a black woman, you’ll get alot of stares, but bask in the glory.  Everyone thinks your famous anyway!

Here’s some more:

“Marbella and the nearby Puerto Banus are important beach resorts of the Costa del Sol. The town is famous for once being a playground for the rich and famous. Marbella used to be a exclusive destination for wealthy tourists from Northern Europe, as well as the well-heeled from the UK, Ireland and Germany.”

Lately, it’s been seeing a decline as more tour buses find out about it more, but I say still go, if you can.  Don’t worry, it will never turn into a Cancun.  The government won’t let that happen.  Cancun is manufactured playland, but Marbella has remnants of its Arab and Moorish past which gives it mystery and depth.  Some famous residents include Sean Connery, Melanie Griffith, Joan Collins, etc past and present.   If you vacation the Costa del Sol you’ll  find many other little beach towns to visit like Fueringola.

Marbella has good eats too with French and Meditteranean twists, with lots of fresh seafood and the best ice cream you could imagine.  That’s all I ate most of time, ice cream.    An alphanista likes to venture far, and wide, and discover new things that she adds to her life like another feather to her hat.

The Caribbean is nice, but why stop there?


  1. Gary L says:

    Wow, sounds real interesting. Haven’t been to Spain yet, but trying to go to Sete (Fr) and Barcelona this summer. What’s the proximity? Maybe I can add another stop.

  2. I think you’d love Sweden. i visited Malmo in 2006 and we took a 4 hour train ride to Stockholm. Stockholm is VERY VERY expensive, and they sorta have this Anti-American attitude towards our Government. But if you stay neutral on all foreign matters, then you’ll be fine.

    They dress FABULOUSLY also! Looking good is a requirement if your gonna travel to Sweden. They don’t play with sloppiness

  3. Another great place to travel is Stockholm or Malmo Sweden. Any of the Nordic countries like Denmark, Finland, and Iceland, all have a HUGE fascination with black folks from America. In their eyes we are all Rappers, Athletes, and singers.

    Sadly, those places including Spain are not that friendly to Africans and Island folk.

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