Alphanista Pride


Giuseppe Zanotti Crystal Sandals $1,468.00 @ Black suede sandals with iridescent (rainbow colored) crystal detailing. These puppies come with a rear zip closure at the heel, rounded open toe and yes a 4 in & 1/4 heel.

by Black Wood

An Alphanista is about equality for all and since June is national GBLT month, what better way to show support than by purchasing a pair of these must have Zanotti masterpiece stiletto’s to celebrate YOUR coming out party or while marching arm in arm with your GBLT (son, daughter, brother, sister, uncle) down 5th Avenue.

The how……since you want to highlight your beautiful footwear and its ode to the rainbow (the official GBLT flag) throw on a sexy halter top with a pair of form fitting capri stretch pants that show off all your swerves and curves.  The Divas & The Divos will be taking notes!

The where……The Pride Parade(s) of course and believe me there IS one happening in your city.  The NYC pride parade is a must attend event if it’s your first time, that is where it all started. But if you’ve done the NYC thing then pack your Gucci.  Since you love to get your travel on (we’ve already discussed you having your passport) why not check out the parades in Portugal, Montreal and yes Rio de Janeiro. They deserve you, your support and your Zanottis.

The why…..the leader of the free world, President Barack Obama declared June to be GBLT Pride month and it is your civic Alphanista duty to listen to the Commander in Chief.  A wise Alphanista should let the man lead, after all Barack is the head of the U.S. household. Now raise your right hand and sing with me…..I pledge allegiance to always wear fabulous, head-turning, high-quality footwear with liberty and Giuseppe Zanottis for ALL!


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