Alphanista On the Rise: Khloe Kardashian

An Alphanista paired in a photo, hardly looks into the same camera, we see you Khloe, LOL

So, I was watching the Wendy Williams show this morning and it got me to thinking.

Wendy said Khloe trumped her sisters in one whoosh!  She always talks as if Khloe did something “special”.   Is Khloe Alphanista material?  It’s worth exploring.  First, a disclaimer, I am no fan of the Kardashians, but I do respect a hustle when I see it.   So, let’s look at Khloe’s style:

1) She is the caterpillar who morphed into the butterfly. Awkward, tall, lanky, and a bad ass attitude got Khloe the name of the least attractive and less liked sister.  Her brashness and looks made her the “outcast”, and she wore it well, not all the time, but she did her best.  All the while, plotting.

2)  She totally gets the element of surprise. I’m all for keeping your secrets, a secret as long as you can, then drop the whammy on the world.  Of all the sisters, we thought Kim had it in the bag.   What a disappointment.  Just Kim’s lack of strategy and higher sense of self makes her less alpha than ever.  She never was in my book.  I don’t even care if she’s back with Reggie (yawn).  Back to Khloe.  Lo and behold, here comes big, tall Khloe with the fisherman’s catch of the year–a multimillionaire, who “seemingly” digs her.  Better yet, she outshines her sisters in 30 days.

3)  She has a plan. Whether it’s a reality show, baby or a higher profile, she wasn’t going to let other people’s opinions sway her.  SOME women, and please believe this, would NOT have married Lamar because of girlfriends, and shade from the world.  They would not want to be the odd woman out.  They would convince themselves if he wants to marry now, he’ll want to marry next year.  He can wait.  “I gotta make sure, he really loves me.” Which means, “I gotta catch him messing up.”   Crazy, foolishness.

4)  She’s a risk taker. Let’s say Lamar doesn’t love her, and they are just doing this for play-play.  Still, living life to the fullest with the bumps and bruises that come is what being ALIVE is about.   The women who get hurt most in this world, who are the loneliest, are the ones playing by the rules, being extra careful, and doing everything to the tee.

5) She doesn’t try too hard. Check Kim out at all the events, the booty, the pose, the hair, the lips.  It’s work!  Khloe just seems to be “there”, easily passed up, but the quiet force in the room.  This  appeal makes things find their way to her.  But if you try this ladies, you gotta know when to bite!

I’ll keep watching this, and may move up her rank for nomination in the Alphanista Hall of Fame.  Qualifications?  A baby in the next few months, a short lived reality show just for the bucks in her own private account, Lamar carrying her bag at all times, the how-to book, the Khloe franchise a la Kimora Lee Simmons.  Let’s see.


  1. Maryann says:

    yes it is, the sooner the baby comes the more secure you are financially should there be a divorce, it’s like insurance for celebrity wives, beyonce gets 5 million for every child she has, she’s in no rush because she’s rich too

  2. zabeth says:

    I don’t understand the significance of a baby in a few months. What’s the difference between waiting a few months or year or more? Some couples aren’t ready for baby right away and others want to enjoy being married for awhile before starting a family, and there are those who have infertility issues. What’s your take on it- is it a monetary thing?

  3. missing_piece says:

    I have to give this one to you Marryann, I never thought about Khloe that way but you just might be right. She is getting the most shine out of this whole Kardashian fixation… right now and that\’s with Kim back on the market and Kourtney being preganant; that\’s a lot of sh*t to top. LOL!

    The few times I have watched the show I seemed to dig Khloe a little more than the other two because: a.) we all know Kim is \”the pretty one\” but what she\’s garners in looks, she lacks in personality- she\’s all face an no spark to me- she\’s the \”pretty- boring girl.\” b.) Kourtney, meh, I\’ll just skip her all together- she\’s not even worth mentioning. c.) Like I said Khloe is that b*tch…for right now but the wedding is still fresh in the public\’s imagination buuutt, if she was a true Alphanista she would have dated Omarion and THEN got married to Lamar- she was too chickensh*t to go with the flow and \”hook up with a friend.\” Let\’s see how it all works out shall we? 😉

  4. hiphopmuse says:

    I think Khloe is an Alphanista on the rise – she’s controversial, daring, and does what she wants without much regard to what others think. LOL @ waiting to see if Lamar will start carrying her bag…

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