Alphanista On The Rise: Amber Rose


By Guest Blogger Nina Hoskins

Within the past few weeks many of us have gotten familiar with Kanye West’s new eye candy, Amber Rose.

This chick is so fierce it’s only natural that she draws a lot attention and hate. However, I can’t help but to love her. I think every woman who is aspiring to be an Alphanista can take a few pointers from Ms. Rose. First and foremost, she is not allowing for her tainted past to cloud her clear sunny sky future. And please tell me how many women do you know who can rock a buzz cut and are able to maintain their feminine aura? Not too many.

As we all know first impressions are priceless, so dressing drab or confining to the norm is not quite “Alphanistic” and will soon leave one to be easily forgotten. Wardrobe is exactly how Amber keeps herself relevant. She’s not afraid to take chances by choosing daring garments and accessories.

Whenever the camera captures Ms. Rose her dress game is always on point…well almost always on point. But even when she is not her best dressed it is clear that the clothes are wearing her and not the other way around. Even when dressed in a skimpy tank and short-shorts with platform heels, you have to admit that it takes a woman with a certain level of high confidence to pull off such a look.

No woman should leave home without expecting to be seen by someone important. When you’re being courted by someone who has a strong fashion sense, dressing the part is not easily forgotten. But for those of us who don’t have that type of reminder, it is up to ourselves to make sure we keep our appearance in check.

Here are a few pointers for Alphanistas looking to grab attention with their wardrobe:

1. Have fun with accessories.

2. Play with color; bright colors are pretty and serve as quick attention getters.

3. Wear something that will create shock value, but keep it to a minimum (i.e., the red pants that Amber has been photographed wearing or a pair of funky shades like the Chanel pair that she has also been photographed wearing).

4. And last but should be first, wear garments that fit your body type and compliment your best features. FREE Shipping on Orders $150+ @!

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  1. I kinda like the is chick because she sparks debates, and Im a firm believer that if no one’s debating about you, you’re kinda insignificant. Now it’s totally up to her if she takes this new found fame and run with it, but she definitely has people talking and looking which is pretty “Alpha-ish” to me!

  2. Gladys says:

    When opportunity knocks you better take advantage of it. I think her true test to be an Alpha will come if she can use this opportunity to better herself. It would be a shame if they break up and she goes back to her old life style.

    Girl use the networking, talk to people, get an education and open you own business.

  3. babydoll says:

    ^^ What brand?

    She is a modern day “pretty woman” and people are in love with the fact that once again a ho has made a “name” for herself. I am not impressed. Theres plenty of chicks in the strip club that come up like her, but they are just not in the public eye b/c Kanye is a attention whore. None of them are alphas to me.

    This chick looks better than Alexis for sure, but she is not on the same level as her, because once Kanye is done playing with her, she will be back to doing videos and spreading that ass in magazines again. I hope all that money he is putting in her clothes that she is investing in something, because she will be gone soon enough.

  4. Gladys says:

    If all the stories about her past are true. i say she cleaned up well. I just Kanye has good intentions. He may have chosen her because she is vulnerable and depending on him.

    I wish them good luck!!!

  5. Loving a bottom B says:

    She could be an alpha because she went from turning tricks to being Kanye girlfriend and creating a brand for herself.

  6. No Hate Here...Just Thoughts says:

    Brian. Kudos to that statement!!

    To whoever made this post….
    who says a woman is an alphanista just because she’s dating a celebrity who not only buys the designer clothing that she rocks, but also styles it for her as well??

    Pre-Kanye she was a stripper lesbian, with limited to no sense of “fierce fashion sense”. I mean, her come up was pretty fast, but like her rise, she could easily fall out of the spotlight just as fast. I mean, couldn’t we have read about this in a year to see if she has made any professional progress at all besides being a bald medicore video model?

    I remember Kanye Wests’ ex Alexis Phifer, a professional, independent and pretty established fashion designer was actually beautiful, classy and “fierce” at the same time. This lady is definitely a downgrade. This is very unmotivational and not even realistic to say the least.

    Maryann, can you write a post on a real Alphanista on the rise like Journee Smollet who just became an Ambassador to Africa or Phylicia Rashad, or even Keke Palmer or better yet Michaëlle Jean, Governor General of Canada, Valeisha Butterfield or the Simmons Sisters.

    Thank you kindly.

  7. Brian says:

    She is fine. Maybe she and Kanye can have the Russell and Kimora hook-up. LoL

    I don’t know if just being fine and having your clothes game tight makes you an Alphanista though. She’s basically a video vixen which isn’t hard to be these days and actually they don’t make that much money any more. Maybe if she had some other business ventures or was doing something besides laying under or on top of Kanye to make a name for herself she’d be about something.

    Not hating but not just willing to pass out kudos all willy-nilly.

  8. Ms. Tee says:

    Yeah..I can’t even lie and say that I hated her. I don’t. She has to be something special to grab his attention.


    Now where can I buy some bright pink spandex?

  9. mike says:

    Her Body is Perfect!! No big buffy ass. Just plump enough to see she is clearly sexy. Her bi-sexuallity is a plus as well. Kanye continues to out do himself. He came up here!!

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