Alphanista Moment: The Tiger Wife

Wendi Deng, Rupert Murdoch's Wife


You must have seen her yesterday as she leaped and dived for her man, knocking that sicko in the jaw with a left hook.  She was Alphanista Wendi Deng, the wife of Rupert Murdoch.

It’s so easy to regurgitate the details from yesterday.  And I won’t exactly, because it’s easy to find.  Her Wikipedia story is not for children!

This woman meant business from early on, and was Alphanista-esque from the beginning.   She plotted her way to the USA, did some dirty work, until she finally hit the jackpot.  She’s very intelligent, and athletic, as we all saw.  But what kind of man makes a woman want to be a “tiger wife”?  The kind of man you would defend, throw yourself in front of the bus for?  A very rare one indeed.

This kind of man is unique.  He is far from perfect, maybe not even romantic.  But you are his every and only priority.  His sense of loyalty to you is raw and does not need explanation.  The years together in deep, meaningful relationship with one another, through ups and downs have made it grow.  He has seen you at the bitter worst, and still wants you.  He’s proven himself early in the relationship to the lay the groundwork for your loyalty.   There’s no question, he’s yours.  Everything out of his mouth is about togetherness, we vs them.  He is not phony, in fact he is brash, honest, plain.

He’s protective of you, but he lets you be your ever brilliant self and dares anyone to take issue.

But this man is very brutal, especially in business or work, and he’s a somewhat misunderstood genius.  He may not be the best partner at times, but he owns up to it.  He’s very successful and targeted by his many haters.  He shares his fears and vulnerabilities with you.  In fact, only you can see “the child” in him when others don’t.

That is when the tiger wife attacks.  She doesn’t need rhyme or reason just the feeling of impending doom.  She does not squander her graces for men who are careless, immature, sociopathic liars.  They are too reckless, mindless, and she could end up in jail.  But she will stand on her own, for her own when she has to.



  1. Maryann says:

    @Zabeth, I approved this editorial, but your point about his redeeming qualities was missing. I think anybody someone would want to defend and you ain’t their mama or their kid may have some redeeming qualities. Like in relationships, some women still wouldn’t go to bat for their man because they don’t trust him. But obviously there is something about Rupert that goes above and beyond love, that Wendi respects. I always say you can tell alot about a man by the quality of his home life. Some women are sponges and if he is a jerk she will reflect that and let his behind get whooped.

    @DIDI that response is pretty typical

  2. ChiLawyergirl says:

    I was wondering who that lady in the pink was! I agree that many of the times we defend men or people in general who do not deserve it. They lie and they only want to save their own asses. I’m all for standing up for my man because he can stand up for himself. People who lie do not and there are many women in Rikers who can testify to that!

  3. Zabeth says:

    I bet many people today are now thinking there must be something redeeming about Mr. Murdoch to require that type of defense.

  4. DiDi says:

    OMG when I saw this I was like….lol. Especially an Asian woman they act so timid. But if it were me, I probably would have screamed “help!”

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