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reinvent-necklaceStarting soon, this blog will be updated a little less than everyday, until further notice.

I’m working on a new membership site for alphanistas ready to enhance and transform their life at every level based on all that is, alpha–top, prime, premiere advice, guidance and resources.  It is an affordable, paid membership site that offers a 6 month life makeover in every area!  It’s fun, deep, sexy, serious, and fascinating.

Why did I start it?  Because I was getting email after email asking for something more.   Every time I created a product for Alphanista it sold.  There was a segment of visitors that wanted more than a blog, they wanted service.  That is what I’m committed to do!  Complete with how-to articles, videos, an interactive forum, members will be privy to the Alphanista way of life written by yours truly, with access to other experts and resources.

After I gathered my research and created a plan, some of which has been written about on this blog, I wanted to make sure that it could help. That it was based on techniques and principles that any woman, young or older, would be able to apply.  I showed it around, and the consensus was that it can.  Here’s a quote fromtv/radio pyschologist, reoccuring expert on The Today Show and author Dr. Jeff Gardere:

Maryann gives you the structure and the “some place to start” we all need. If you can articulate what you want out of life then you can do this! Maryann has created a plan that is clear, provocative and informative, everything is there for you at your fingertips. Overlook her smart advice at your own expense.

If you’re new to Alphanista, and want to know more, fill out below for a FREE ebook on How To Be An Alpha Female and more info about the Alphanista member’s only site!

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  1. AttorneyGirlX says:

    Id join this because I am tired of getting all my advice and resource from 5-6 websites! lol Plus I really like your edgy perspective. Everything is like with a twist and a wink. Im always looking for stuff others dont have access to. I mean what is the point of reading advice 1 millon other people get. I want to read the million dollar advice only an exclusive group of people get.

    When are you gonna start a happy hour or spa weekend? That is next. I’m down!

  2. Loving a bottom B says:

    @ MaryAnn. Glad to know. Keep making things bigger and better. Right now I am still studying and waiting for my new study materials to be shipped to me. The test is not until the end of July. So I have a long wayyyyy to go.

  3. Maryann says:

    @bottomB not at all, just don’t forget about US! just keep checking the site because it will be updated on a regular basis, just doing another area for members, how was the test?

  4. Maryann says:

    Clarista, it’s a range of topics in every area of your life, since you signed up you’ll get an email soon with more detail.

  5. Maryann says:

    @Andrea you are one of my biggest supporters and have helped me out at times, I gotta give back! Look forward to having you on!

  6. Andrea Marshall says:

    This is a wonderful step you are taking! Like other posters I have been following your work. You are one smart, dynamic woman. Just the way you think…. If people really get to know you they are in the company of awesomeness! I don’t know many people who published their first novel at 25, and short stories for that matter! You know as an industry insider that never happens for a first book. Not to mention all the media you received with MYBDD. Brilliance. If you don’t have a way to solve it, there’s no way….I’m a little older, but I’d sign up too just to see what goodies you have for me. Always ready to maintain what I have. Can’t fall off!

  7. Maryann says:

    @James starting a membership site takes consistent work. I couldn’t just start that way because I needed to build an audience first. Actually I didn’t even think of doing a membership site until folks started asking me WHY NOT, and WHEN? LOL

    @Jada Dr. Jeff’s the best he and I have done several tv spots together

    @gabbie I know your journey, keep it up! This year has only half-started!

  8. ChiLawyergirl says:

    WOW! It’s an enterprise, can’t wait to learn, the survey you sent out was great too.

  9. daphne says:

    OMG this is exactly what I wanted. I like your blog and it’s fun to read but sometimes when some of the blogs especially the tips end there’s no link on where to go for more info. Like in the ones you do for How To be An Alpha Female, I want more “how-to” with the “what”! Looking forward to signing up. OOOh, and a forum too. Yes!


  10. gabbie says:

    The ebook put me on a whole ‘nutha way of thinking, this weekend I had more fun in over a year, felt alive, felt alive and happy. I was def a shell then. Definitely signing up for this!

  11. James says:

    I was wondering why you didn’t start that way to begin with, good idea. All i can say is that this experience on your blog is very unique! Looking forward to the happy hour!

  12. Jiselle says:

    I was one of the people that emailed you! And I can’t wait to hear more. Some of the articles on here could be a book in and of itself.

  13. Josie says:

    Chile, I’ve been following you since our Balleralert dialogue. This is true growth. I’m very happy for you! Keep pushing forward.

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