Weekend Rewind: Alphanista Hall Of Fame: Kim Heirston


ENJOY a classic!


Here’s a woman you may not have heard of, but should.  Her background is common, but her path is anything but.

A perfect compliment to the post today about “luck”.  Below is an excerpt about her:

Unlike many of her peers in the art world, [40-year old art consultant] Ms. Heirston was not ‘to the manor born.’ Kim was raised by a single mom in Huntington, Long Island who divorced Kim’s dad when she was 3. A talented student with a natural inclination for the sciences, Kim’s desire was to be an actress.

She attended Yale University where she worked at a series of gallery jobs and became hooked on the art world. She worked as the Director of the Stux Gallery and received several job offers to become a dealer. However, Kim was interested in establishing her own business.

She approached an Italian client with the idea that she could become his advisor to help him establish his collection. He agreed. They commissioned a work from Damien Hirst back when he wasn’t well known. The collector paid $60,000 for the piece that later sold at auction in 2006 for $3 million.

She’s a frequent guest at hi-society soirees, and is often requested by publicists to show her face.  She’s had write-up in hi-profile media like the New York Times and New York Magazine.  She is a trendsetter and highly influential among the old money types and millionaire art collectors.  She’s also unique, and gets noticed.  Here’s what New York magazine said:

“…she stands out in the art world, and not just because she is an African-American woman. At six feet tall without heels, she’d be rather visible even without the oversize sunglasses and rock-star shag.”

She is reportedly married to an Australian real estate investor and lives on the Upper East Side of Manhattan. Ahem! One thing an alphanista must do is never to be forgotten, and you can’t be forgotten as the first or the last in anything. Never be hesitant about stepping out of the norm.

I nominate her for induction into the Alphanista Hall of Fame.  Yay or nay?


  1. Traci says:

    As an artist myself defintely a Yea! I need to find out how she can see my work!!! YEA! YEA! YEA!

  2. emily says:


    haha, Alexia and Ken, trust me… she’s paying the bills herself guys.

    Ken, the commission on 2.9 mil is between 10-20% ($290,000 – 580,000).

  3. Ken says:

    She gets a “yea” from me because she stepped into an industry in which she had no role models that looked like her…and she became that role model for others to follow. She choose an industry that may be less sexy at the age of 19, but that obviously pays the bills. What is the commission on a $2.9 million profit anyway? And to top it off, her occupation gave her access to the type of men that can reliably bankroll her for the untold future.

    My guess is that if she knows how to pick out profitable art, she probably knows how to pick out profitable men. For doing it the unconventional way and doing it with style and grace, she gets a “yea” and a “give me a call if your man ain’t handling his business” from me.

    Sorry. Had to add that last bit.

  4. Damalie M. says:

    Definitely, a hall of famer. I agree ‘stepping out of the norm’ brings all kinds of ‘suprising’ opportunities. Most lucky people put themselves in positions where normal folk will not go, knowing that anything or anybody that they encounter will provide them the ‘right’ opportunity for whatever it is they desire.

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