Alphanista Hall Of Fame: Gabourey Sidibe

By Guest Blogger Amyrae

For those who haven’t seen the Lee Daniels film, you must.

Precious is one of those characters that grabs you by the gut, wrenches it around and doesn’t let go until long after the film has ended. She’s not the only stellar performer in the cast by any means, (Mo’Nique, Paula Patton, Mariah Carey and Lenny Kravitz to name a few) but when you get the chance to see the real Gabby off screen, there’s no question why she’s hands down my nomination for the Alphanista Hall of Fame. Confident, funny, sincere, and feisty, this woman is captivating. In stark contrast to the deflated character she played on screen, Gabby can exhilarate any crowd with her witty demeanor. “Being awesome came before I got the part, and I continue to be awesome!” she commented in a BBC new article.

At 26 years old, she has an innocence about her that could some may view as immaturity, but in my opinion that just adds to her charm. Spunky, eager and full of life, she’s sure to make it far, but after only one film it’s up to you alphas to decide whether she’s hall of fame worthy. Is it too much too son?

Yay or nay to Gabby….

Amyrae is in Brooklyn, NY and an aspiring writer, humanitarian, world traveler, and philanthropist living and loving life one day at a time, checking things off of her ever expanding TO DO list.


  1. daphne says:

    I’ll wait and see how she handles herself once the Precious shine wears off. I’m concerned she’s a “flavor of the month” right now, since we’re still in awards season.

    I do think her innocence is a sign of immaturity – I actually thought she was in her early 20s max. She seems like a sweet young lady, but I think there’s a difference between being effervescent and teenager-y. Gabby comes off teenager-y much of the time, and that’s not a good look. I watched a clip of her on Jay Leno’s show, I think, and Lance Bass was also a guest. It was…..interesting. I felt a tad embarrassed for her. Then I read where she was asked who she wanted to escort her to the Oscars or something, and she directly appealed to Justin Timberlake on camera. Da hayel? Someone get this girl a decent publicist.

    As for the weight vs accomplishments issue, she did very well in a role that I think parallels her own life a wee bit, although not nearly as dysfunctional as Precious’ life was. I read a great blog post that drew parallels no one else seemed to point out. In any case, she didn’t seem to be particularly accomplished before the Precious role, and that’s not a bad thing. But comparing her to an Oprah or Madame CJ Walker is a bit premature, when she hasn’t really paid any dues yet. The only thing she has in common at the moment with the other two women is being fat, and that’s not an accomplishment.

    Not to mention that most of the fuller figured ladies in Hollywood who have expressed “confidence” in/acceptance of their bodies change their tune after a bit – Monique, Jennifer Hudson, Queen Latifah, etc. I don’t think any of those ladies were over 300 lbs, either, like Gabby supposedly is. Now Gabby may be an exception, she may be a trailblazer as it relates to larger women in Hollywood, but it’s certainly too soon to tell at this point.

  2. missing_pieces says:

    I think she is an Alphanista for her meteoric rise to fame, the girl is featured in at least one major magazine or talked about along with the Oscar Nomination for the past month. She is on the cover of the March 2010 issue of Ebony ( I bought it because I want to know about this young rising star). She seems real, happy and confident which is refreshing. Although I get why others say Nay, I will say Yay.
    I think she is going to be a major star and change the game, however- I hope she decides to lose the weight when she’s ready for her health- black women are dying from obesity-related diseases that can be prevented ( diabetes/heart disease), and I am also a plus size woman that’s now on her weight loss journey because I don’t want to have these weight related issues. Let’s not count Gabby out from the AHOF just because she’s not a cookie cutter size 4 or 6. Alphanistas are supposed to break the mold not fit them.

  3. I’m totally off topic….

    But back in Ancient times, being fat was a sign of wealth and prestige. As a matter of fact MANY Kings and Queens were overweight in both Europe and Asia.

    I’m fat also, but I like to eat, so forgive me! LOL

  4. BB says:

    Surely, we know that obesity is way more than just a looks issue. Plus, obesity doesn’t stop women from looking great.

    It also takes more than just accomplishments to be an alphanista. Halle Berry has many accomplishments and Hollywood looks but she’s a beta. Still, I say the rule is: an alphanista is neither dangerously overweight nor dangerously underweight. An alphanista puts herself and consequently her health first. She knows she can’t do everything and understands that SOME extra weight is OK.

    Oprah is clear exception to the rule. In fact, Oprah is an exception to most rules. That is part of what makes her an alphanista. OK by me if others make their own rules… This is mine. Obesity often points to other issues. We are talking self care and preservation. Not just overweight, like Oprah currently appears to be, but OBESE! Why doesn’t being 50-100+ lbs overweight at least ring bells??? This is extreme! Anyway, are we really comparing Gabby to Oprah or CJ Walker? If so, what is Gabby? Exception or rule?

    (sidebar, 1- even Oprah knows her weight is a problem or else she wouldn’t be apologizing for it all the time and 2- I addressed the thyroid issue above 3- nothing against Gabby. I know she’s fabulous…)

  5. BB says:

    IMHO, Hypothyroidism is becoming a grossly overused excuse. IDK if Gabby has it. She may… However, we must admit that obesity affects the black community, especially, black women disproportionately. Do we buy that this is due to increased susceptibility to hypothyroidism among black women? Think about our lifestyles: our food choices, our hair vs. waistline dilemma (very common issue- don’t want to sweat it out), our activity levels, etc. (FYI: I’m talking about the US black community as a whole, not just you and your circles.)

    Also, those with thyroid issues are not lost causes. They are still able to maintain healthier weights. The bad thing is: they work harder than others. (eating a little less but more often, working out a little more… Additionally, there are medical treatments)

  6. I’m going to say YAY just because everybody else is saying Nay.

    And for the record, isn’t Oprah Obese?

    And lets not forget the First black Millionaire Madame CJ Walker was Obese also.

    Weight and looks has nothing to do with accomplishments.

  7. Amyrae says:

    Okay, I understand her lack of time in the spotlight, which also leaves a lot to question about the rest of her personality and possible reasons why she is obese, BUT I have seen many interviews with Gabby demonstrating just how fabulous she is, and to hear that an alphanista is not obese just doesn’t sound right. Sure, it could be a thyroid issue, or she could have deeper underlying issues that need to be addressed…regardless she is a strong confident woman who is determined to succeed. Give her some time, I have a feeling she’ll be around for awhile and hopefully she’ll show us all the reasons why she’s so awesome. Here’s an interview clip for your viewing pleasure.

  8. Maryann says:

    I would be interested to know if Gabby is fat because of too many burgers or a thyroid issue because she is big ALL OVER. Her hands, fingers, neck, everywhere. Could be just how she was born. But if she’s gonna be around for long, she’ll have to do a Jennifer Hudson and drop that.

  9. BB says:

    Nay for the following reasons:
    1- she is just getting started on her rise (a fabulous start!)
    2- an alphanista is not obese, IMHO. Sorry but this is not just an extra 20 or even 40lbs. Something is going on…

    I respect her. I enjoy her. I support her. But, “Nay,” not alpha… yet.

  10. Maryann says:

    Ms Tee no need to worry. Alpha in training means she is no alpha but may be in the future. I mean she came out of nowhere and surprised us. But rest assured Gabby is not there YET!

  11. Ms. Tee says:

    Alpha who? Not her. Just cuz she starred in a movie? If yall keep giving out Alphanista crowns like this…ima give mine back! LOL

  12. Brian says:

    I say “nae” – lightning in a bottle does not an alphanista make.

    I like Gabby, but she needs to do more – keep up that great attitude as she gets passed up for the “skinny bitch” as the love interest in more mainstream movies.

    I want her to succeed and will support her in any movie she’s in (except the remake of Glitter).

    More power to this young sista – she an alpha in training.

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