Alphanista Hall Of Fame: Bethenny Frankel

Let me just say, I didn’t like Bethenny.

When I first got introduced to her via Real Housewives of NYC I found her to be quite neurotic and energy draining.  I didn’t know what she was–she wasn’t a housewife, she was sort of a chef, she didn’t want to be married, etc.  When I fell for Bethenny was when she had that confrontation with the first James on Real Housewives and wanted to solidify the relationship and he did not.  What woman’s heart didn’t break open watching that go down?  She touched a place.

From that day, I looked at her with new eyes.  She has lots of nerve, chutzpah and boy, is this girl a hustler at heart!  I just finished her book, A Place Of Yes, and she has sold everything from scarves to cookies to engagement rings.  Ebay was her friend.  In her book there are tons of “getting by” ideas.  She has an unbreakable spirit.  I completely related to her drive.  Not once have I heard her say she wanted to give up, and there were plenty of incidences that she could have.  The age did it for me too.  We always see these successful bubbly 20 somethings rich and famous girls, etc.  Bethenny proved that it can happen whenever and when it does it’s like you didn’t miss a beat.

And having her own liquor brand, that’s one of my dreams.  Products for every woman, nothing is untouchable.  She knows her audience, and they like the truth serum 🙂

Here’s what is different about Bethenny: she did it on her own.  She didn’t have a hot shot agent to plug her into Martha Stewart’s Apprentice or Real Housewives.  According to her book, she got in by word of mouth, through her own circle of friends.  Someone who knows someone who knows someone….She wasn’t afraid to be messy, incomplete, as long as she was moving forward, sideways, just moving!  When she met the last Jason, her husband, she went for it.  In 3 years, she went from $0-to millions, got a husband, baby, all around the age of 40.  There’s a mysterious, magical appeal behind her story.  All of this is what makes an Alphanista.

On the other hand, Bethenny is still quite new on the scene.  We have to see how she develops.  Is it too early to induct her?  She would nominate her at all?  Yay or nay?


  1. Isis says:

    I say Yay! I haven’t read any of her books but by watching RHONY and her own shows she’s definitely got drive.

  2. EbonyLolita says:

    I ALWAYS said Bethanny was an Alpha. She SHUT JILL DOWN & OUT of her Life when she got sick of the shenanigans & moved ON!!! That’s when success came to her. She believed in herself when nobody did, took opportunities & maxed em out & got EVERYTHING she wanted.

    I love Bethanny form RHONY. She wasn’t afraid to speak her mind and had a drive I really appreciated. I watched Bethanny Gets Married & Bethanny Ever After from start to finish. I say YESSSSS!!!!!

  3. prncssdom says:

    Bethenny really deserves this induction. She has an incredible drive and never let’s a ‘no’ stand in her way which ultimately leads her to getting what she wants. She knows how to counter resistance with persistance.

  4. juliestorm says:

    Jury is out. Her book is not very deep at all. She tried to go there but should have focused on a business book. I did get alot of tips to make money too! Successful she is, but….I say nay. In a couple of years if she does have that talk show then yes.

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