Alphanista Enemy #1: Maury Povich

maury_320x240“You are NOT the father!”

He’s been doing it for a while, but if we’re gonna go there, let’s start at the bottom.  He parades delusional pregnant women, mostly Black on his show to take paternity tests.

Weekday mornings baby mamas fall and roll on the floor and the baby daddies run up and down the aisles in relief and triumph.  If I’ve lost the remote and the bowl of cereal is too good to disturb the crunch flow I’ll let it play, but that’s only 5-10 minutes.

There is a problem with lots of single mothers in the Black community, true.  But it becomes perverse  and tired when every single show is about the same issue–definitely not something that can hold an alphanista’s attention for long.  Not because she’s offended, but she’s just not that into it.  It’s boring, predictable, and we get the point already–It’s a bad thing when you don’t know the father of your child.   I’m all for somebody getting money, because his ratings are decent.   But Povich used to be a news anchor and journalist for A Current Affair, a Rupert Murdoch venture.   I guess he needed a career change, and a new house.


  1. Alicia Mack says:

    I have watched the shows and they really make me mad be it is all uncalled for. I have stop watching the Maury Show because the Women are quite Crazy for putting their Business on the TV. Keep your Life Issues to Yourself.

  2. Jamie says:

    Well maybe if we stopped being fools he would have less things to put on air. That’s our fault!

  3. Incognegro says:

    Maury and Jerry have found the “secret sauce” -> dispair. No one tunes in to the “I used to be a skinny nerd, now I’m a buff stripper” shows any more. It’s all baby mamas and fat babies.

    Maury gets the L7 from me – I also don’t understand why black people think that repeating themselves over and over again on TV really makes their point –

    “That’s a Man, Maaary, That’s a Man! That’s a Man, Maary, That’s a Man!”

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