Alphanista Hall Of Fame: Carla Bruni

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“ I want a man with nuclear power. ”  Carla Bruni, First Lady Of France

You probably didn’t hear much about Ms. Bruni until last week.

But I’ve been following Bruni since French President Nicolas Sarkozy started courting her.  She’s been a regular in the tabloids having went from model to France’s First Lady.  She’s been attached to some famous men like Mick Jagger, and blamed for his divorce from wife Bianca.  While living with her man, Jean-Paul Enthoven she fell in love with his son Raphaël Enthoven who was married to a novelist. The son divorced his wife for Carla.

Talk about a woman who loves scandal!  Carla then had a son for him and later left him.  She’s often said that monogamy is not her cup of tea.  Carla even inspired Raphaël’s ex wife to write a novel about her pain.

Carla doesn’t have a terribly accomplished background with all kinds of accolades.  She’s just a woman who used her sexuality to get up close and personal with men of status.  She’s the type that breaks the hearts of men.  This is the kind of woman who has to do very little, and gets very far.  She follows no rules and is not holding the torch for women’s lib and loyal to “the girls”.   She’s her own woman.  She’ll take the man, married or not.  She loves, hurts, grows, moves on, and rises.  She’s gone so far as to be the First Lady of France, a distinguished position of honor and prestige.  A woman of her background in the U.S. would not have gotten as far as she did, except for being a pinup or reality tv star.  In France, they actually like women.

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She met the Nicolas Sarkozy at a dinner in November 2008.  He was divorced at that time.  She got him to marry her by February 2009.  Kudos girl!

Carla is now more refined and ready to leave her mark amongst important international causes and initiatives.  And if chooses she can eat croissants all day, too, because her job is done.  A little late bloomer, marrying at 42, she finally got her nuclear man.  Mission accomplished.

I nominate her for induction into the Alphanista Hall of Fame.  Yay or nay?


  1. Loving a bottom B says:

    @Maryann, Yes I will check in to see whats going on because I will need some type of break to stay sane. I am always aware of alphanistas or any other type of females. I am hip to the game however I just don’t show my hand to people until its warranted. I try not to make people know how smart I really am.

    @Cypher. Yes I am taking the multistate. Taking the barbri’s bar prep course in another month. Right now I am going over/reading as many multiple choice and essays questions as possible before I take the course. However if you got more to add let me know so we can talk.

  2. Brian says:

    sounds like the French Angelina Jolie – if you like that sort of thing – have at it. She comes off as a tramp to me.

  3. cypher says:

    She played her role like a champ…and she got the president of France! Unapologetic for who she is, she vetted her man, put herself in a position of success and was patient…good move for her!

    @Bottom B: good luck! If you’re taking the multistate, get at me.

  4. Maryann says:

    We’ll miss you Bottom B! Good luck on the exam! And come back whenever u need a break from studying… 🙂 Lawyer, huh. Beware–alphanistas can smell success pixels away! 😉

  5. Loving a bottom B says:

    I am about to be a ghost in a little while as I start to prepare to take the bar exam. However she gets a yes and fit the book to me.

  6. EbonyLolita says:

    I say Yay! You should see how she posed nude AFTER becoming the Prime Minister’s wife. She has guts, does what she wants and makes no apologizes. Yay all the way!!

  7. DIVA B. says:

    I lived in France for a few years. And I have to say they do like women out there much more than they here. They let women be women and appreciate their power and femininity. It’s not uncommon for a man to divorce his wife or take mistresses. This is not objectifying women but loving women is how they see it. French women are known for being loose too and taking up affairs especially the older French woman.

    Bruni who’s Italian was a mistress for a long time. Everything worked in her favor. She came from money and now she can leave a legacy. Yay.

  8. ChiLawyerGirl says:

    I like Carla ’cause she handled herself very well last week. She was nervous around Barack. She comes from money but has never been with a man like the French President. She’s a lover of men! And at 42 to snag a man like that, I give her respect! YAY!

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