AlphaCandy: The “Essential” Ingredient



Big News.

It’s been a long time coming but Alphanista has grown into a more exclusive resource.  It is still a blog but now it will also be a monthly ezine called AlphaCandy (TM).

AlphaCandy will deliver an essential alpha “ingredient” that can make all the difference in your world.  Once a month you’ll get–an interview, sex/dating tip, a hot spot, relationship advice, or simply an Alphanista “technique” to take over your world.  Anything that will make you stand up and stand out will be featured. It is completely confidential and private.  It has the secrecy and privacy of the Alphanista Inner Circle and the fun, snappiness of the blog.

It is provocative, so you must be 18 and over to sign up.  It is only $12/yr.  That way we are self-sufficient and not completely dependent on advertisers, and what they want.

The first AlphaCandy will be in September.  If you don’t sign up, AlphaCandy will not be available on the blog.

This is an international thing, too.  A wave of folks signed up this weekend via a subscriber who told her gigantic email list about how Alphanista changed her life. Forward to everyone in your office, dorm, or email list.  Post on blogs, Facebook, etc. You can tweet the message below:

RT @RealAlphanista Need an addictive alpha “ingredient” 2 add spice 2 your life?  Sign up 4 AlphaCandy  #alphacandy

Sign up at

Please share this with friends you care about (and even the ones you don’t). An alpha female keeps her friends close and her enemies closer 😉

Click the link above to sign up.  Don’t miss out.