Alpha Male: Cory Booker

corybookerIf we make it past 2012, he will be the next black president in the running according to political analysts.

Mayor of Newark, Yale graduate and Rhodes Scholar, Booker has been on the scene for a minute. He’s in his late thirties, handsome, tall, and gallant.  While he was running for mayor he lived in the projects of Newark, with an apartment number with a bell and everything, to get a sense of their issues.  He had a phone, too, with an answering machine.  How do I know? Well…

Many political folks are calling him the next contender.  Obama, his friend, is supposed to be testing the waters for him.  He’s been taking the heat for all the drama in Newark, but no one can deny that he’s helped that city rise from the dead.  He’s survived several assassination attempts by gang members according to news reports.  Question stands:  Why isn’t this man married yet?  I just don’t see America voting for a single president.  A single president has no focus.  A single president can blow up the world and have no thoughts of wife and children to consider.  A single president needs sex with different women.  Too much confusion.  And we know how those Dems like to “date down”.

If he can find a wife, maybe get her pregnant, then I’d say he’d be ready for a run. He has everything else in order.

I nominate him for Alphanista’s Alpha Male Hall of Fame.  What say ye? (This is a no brainer, ya’ll)


  1. Trenk says:

    Cory Booker will never be president. Hopefully, by the time Booker comes “out,” Americans will be accepting of openly homosexual public office holders.

  2. SUB"VERSE"SIVE says:

    i believe the newark politics are never going to allow a politician from the home of those famous go to washington,as president…nah! chicago is a totally different “deal”.politically speaking…obama fits the bill and booker would have to be groomed for the position…thats usally a puppet..let him keep it jerZ LOL we got spead the wealth of alpha men around..;)him or baracka in newark? i said baracka! not barack haha

  3. Loving a bottom B says:

    The facts supports what Sandy states. However, I think he is an Alpha Male or knocking on the door to be an Alpha Male. He kept himself around politically and out of trouble. He didn’t let his first set of failure stop him from eventually succeeding in his career. He capitalized on the mistakes of Sharpe as well as over came Sharpe’s history in the city which was very positive because of his tenor. Booker is using Newark as a jumping board for bigger things Gov. Sen. etc,. As well as doing what he fells will best benefit the city short and long term. Newark is in a better position now with him as Mayor then any day under Sharpe. We actually know the name of the Mayor in NEWARK! I don’t know if he can be president however he in right place to build a following and close to NYC. The success of Newark helps his chances. He has no chance without a wife and kids. Alpha Male

  4. Sandy says:

    Cory Booker’s chance at even being given serious consideration as a future presidential candidate is slim to none. Not only did Booker do a less than notable job in his position in City Council, he got his ass kicked from every direction by Sharpe James the first time he ran for mayor, and the only reason he is mayor of Newark right now is because former Mayor Sharpe got indited. Oh yea not to mention the fact that Newark has further deteriorated and slipped into economic decline that most urban analysts believe the city is to far gone to be saved. He couldnt even get the job until the big man got fired. He still cant do his job now that he has it….. Cory Booker def not an Alpha.

  5. Sherryberry says:

    He is a great addition to the Alpha Male Hall of Fame. Has anybody seen the documentary “Street Fight” which was about the heated election between Sharpe James and Booker. Just wondering. I’ve haven’t seen it yet but I’ve heard good things about it and about him being in it. I definitely need a guy like him – except he would be a film director. Don’t mind me, I just love powerful, intelligent men 🙂

  6. This is totally just speculation, but I’ve always thought that the reason why Booker wasn’t married was because he wasn’t into the ladies, if you catch my meaning. I don’t see anything wrong with that, but that will never fly in this backwards small-minded country we live in.

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