Alpha Female: Lauryn Hill

You did it your way, hon, whatever is clever...
You did it your way, hon, whatever is clever...

We all know the back story…

…a talented singer, Grammy award winning music sensation and actress leaves the business unexpectedly to sit at the feet of a Jamaican obeah man, have 5 children by the son of a prophet, and the rest is history.  Well, something like that.

This is what I like about Lauryn or those in general who do what the heck they want to do and pick up the pieces later and hold them as life lessons, instead  of life beat downs.  This was a young woman who always wanted to be a mother, a wife and use her voice to take over the world.  She did, the music world.  But when love found her, or she, it (depending on the version you heard) she submitted to it.  Amongst claims that she was being abused, cheated or or taken advantage of, Lauryn used the time to have that little tribe she wanted and redefine herself.  The Reinvention is optimum to being an alpha female.

So, she doesn’t look like the Lauryn we liked anymore.  And that’s the thing.  She’s doing it for herself  based on the values she has in her life, and obviously her family is first.  She’s messy, unpredictable, and we’d still buy her album on a comeback, at least for curiosity. She keeps folks guessing and talking about her.  This doesn’t diminish the fact that she is still a musical icon winning one of the most Grammy awards for a female artist.  But that meant little if she couldn’t have it her way.

I nominate Lauryn Hill for induction into the Alphanista Hall of Fame. What say ye?


  1. Greatest Ever says:

    I think that Lauryn Hill is THE GREATEST FEMALE SINGER OF HER TIME. And I think that she does not get all the credit she deserves, although she has not been on the scene in a minute, I think people just need to look back and open their ears to woman, I think everyone would be surprised to realize that she has a better voice than the female that everyone is calling the queen: Beyonce. And me personally I think that she just might have a better voice than Alicia Keys, but that is a tough one to decide. And I think Jasmine Sullivan would be some good competition for lauryn. Both got some strong vocals. And thats my word. WORD!!!

  2. marie says:

    hmm … okay it’s ture, every woman makes mistakes. but 5 children out of wedlock is no mistake, it’s a lifestyle. and it would be one thing if she had done all that, and still taking good care of herself, a la Nicole Murphy. but she had those kids, and then had a basically self-induced nervous breakdown. i mean, im not her, but clearly she knew she was hurting herself in that cyclical relationship (“The Ex-Factor”). and any alpha would have done what was really best for herself and, in lauryn’s case, her own sanity.
    therefore, i still say no.

  3. Sherryberry says:

    Jodie, Darling and Janet, I understand why you all think we are judging/hating on Lauryn. However, my ax to grind with Lauryn is her throwing out biblical scriptures in every song knowing she’s laying up with a baby daddy. If you say you are a Christian then you know shacking up ain’t in the Biblical Plan. The Misseducation of Lauryn Hill is still one of my favorite albums- but I think her religious views isolated me from really digging her as much as I wanted to- just a personal opinion; and she is extremely religious- I’ve been to her concerts and she does throw the bible at people talking that holy ghost shit the whole time in between songs. That’s kind of wack to me.

    ” talking out your neck like you’re a Christian”
    Lauryn Hill -(Doowop- That Thing)

    She judges women who wear weaves, acrylic nails in the same song, then when she comes back out for the Fugee reunion, she’s wearing wigs and 5 inch stilletos? Huh, what? Lol.

    If Lauryn didn’t want to be judged on her babymama status, she shouldn’t have come out with songs about judging other women to begin with knowing she has her own issues.

    Her unplugged album was just straight up pretentious and phony as f**k- that’s when I think I gave up on her. I used to see her as an inspiration, but I have since grown and clearly see her as just another entertainer and there I say- false prophet who used the Bible to make profit.

  4. Janet says:


  5. Darling says:

    So she gave up “fame and fortune” to follow her heart. That is a bold move leaving it all behind. An alpha is not a follower, an alpha does what she wants, even if it’s not PC, and alphas are not always liked, so I understand the hate, but damn, Lauryn is not just any girl, she can come back on the scene tomorrow in a REAL way like old Lauryn and sell 10 mill sleep…if you read her interviews you’d know that Lauryn since she was in Sister Act wanted a whole tribe of children, she was very afro centric and into all that rasta stuff the girl did what she wanted to do and at the end of the day that is what matters….

  6. Jodie says:

    I have read these remarks thru and thru. At first I agreed, but then I can’t. Lauryn Hill despite her ways and troubles as we all have in life is still a talented woman who was a trailblazer; still a pop culture icon; she came from humble beginnings and stood out amongst an all male group to take her career to new places. I like how we can all chime in on who should be nominated or not but like the post said it’s a nomination, not a WINNER. So, I say for nomination, yeah, she deserves to at least be looked at. Like a poster said earlier an alpha female is NOT perfect she has gone thru some stuff in her life. Not ALL alpha females are gonna be married with children or Ms. Perfect Suzy Q.

    Ya’ll need to lay off all the judgement….

  7. Zabeth says:

    I agree with Marie, Sherryberry, and Bam and will say, hell-to-the-no! If Lauryn Hill is alpha female material than damn near every woman is alpha female material. The bar is being set a little too low.

  8. Sherryberry says:

    I think Lauryn is an Alpha female, only because the Misseducation of Lauryn Hill still sells worldwide and inspires other women in the music industry. However, her cutting off her hair, wearing dirty denim jackets and playing an off key guitar- not so Alpha, but then again people went out and bought that album (Lauryn Hill Unplugged) too. I just think she is not the best role model as far as how to take care of yourself emotionally because sleeping with a married man (Wyclef) while having children with another allegedly married man ( Rohan Marley) is not a come up. The only thing I didn’t like about Lauryn is her preachy, bible thumping mentality- then has kids out of wedlock, wtf? Maybe I am the one being judgmental now, but she just lost props from me when all of her business came out and she still wanted to act like Virgin Mary- I don’t know if that’s the Alpha female way or the crazy-bitch way, who knows. I wish her the best- I hope she puts out another album by the next centennial.

  9. Loving a bottom B says:

    After thinking about it, I came off the fence. I going to say yes because I think she has everything she ever wanted. Family and financial stability. Plus she done more then most in a shorter time period and just sold her herself.

  10. Deja says:

    @marie ALPHA FEMALES are not exempt from making mistakes they get hurt too, let’s be realistic, Lauryn is an icon whether we understand her or not….

  11. marie says:

    no alpha female would even let herself be emotionally beat down by some man, be left alone and unmarried with his 5 kids, and end it all by living with her mother at home in jersey.
    i say hell no.

  12. Loving a bottom B says:

    This one is not a sure fire yes in my book. She went from the bottom to the top and made others famous along the way but the crazy moments concern me. Also what has she done of late since she had her family. Is she done or is there more to come from her? Im on the fence about Lauryn but I am leaning towards agreeing with you as naming her an alpha female however I have to think about it more.

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