Alpha Female: Kate Middleton

Got a major coup

Congrats to our alpha baby Kate Middleton.

I wrote the profile below before she finally sealed the deal.  I just like this alpha’s style.  She appears so sweet on the outside.  Doesn’t she?  But we know how manipulative alphas can be. I drank champagne and ate cake as I watched the wedding.   But I don’t need an excuse to eat champagne and cake, ever.   Kate can teach us alot about dreaming and the power of focus.  I don’t know what her life will hold.  I dislike that she is compared to Diana, and her tragic story.  Like an alpha, though, she’ll use this to be her best in the world.  But we all know you don’t have to marry a prince, to be your best.  Anyone can do it.  Kate, just has a nice new title to add to her letterhead-Princess Catherine.

I love rooting for an alpha.  Read below for more and check out the classic comments.


Kate Middleton is the chick we keep hearing about on the arms of like, a prince—Prince William of Wales. Now, we may not give much thought to her. But one Saturday, I was catching one of those entertainment channels and her bio came on. This girl definitely has “alpha” traits when it comes to snagging one of the most eligible men in the world. She comes from a decent family, but didn’t have any “inside” connections to the royal brothers.

Instead, she pasted up a photo of him in her room. Call it daydreaming, fantasizing or visualizing, but she marked him and gathered all that good energy. They didn’t run into each other until she found out what college he was attending. It was a prestigious school that she applied to as well with hopes to meet him. She got accepted.

As most women know, if you like a man, it’s likely about 500,000 other women would like him, too. So, she didn’t do the obvious which would be walking by him, sending him an email, having a friend get in touch with him. She participated in a fashion show the school was having, and strutted her goods on stage. He had to sit there and watch. She had his full, undivided attention in a way he won’t forget.

But most importantly, she did it in a way that, hey, if it didn’t work, she was just in a fashion show. She can always claim she wanted to model, and had nothing to do with getting the prince’s attention. For the record, she’s become a fashion icon, too and was listed in People’s Best Dressed 2007 issue.

If you see her early photos, she went from shabby to classy in a moment.  Though they’ve had their share of breakups, where the Prince wandered to other women, he always came back. She had him in her clutches whether he knew it or not. This is what we call a “major coup”. I nominate her for induction into the Alphanista Hall of Fame for her tenacity, creativity, and sharp target practice on her man.


  1. Sherryberry says:

    Hmmm, very interesting. She used the law of attraction and it worked. I like this girl. I’m not saying I will be the first to jump up and walk the runway but I will definitely keep this in my mind when I see the man I desire.

  2. Maryann says:

    From my understanding based on bios on both of them, it’s an age issue. Prince William reportedly said 30 is his age. They are both 26.

  3. Zabeth says:

    I like how she made her intentions clear to the universe and “marked” him.

    My only concern- why hasn’t (or won’t) he married her yet? She does seemingly want to get married. And yes he does always come back to her. But why won’t he seal the deal?

  4. Maryann says:

    Katie Holmes, Tom Cruise’s wife also did this. She is considerably younger than him. From when she was like 17 or something, she said she had a picture of him in her bedroom and she was “in love” with him from afar as a teen. She admitted this on Oprah. Remember that show when he jumped on the couch? That one.

    Anything is possible…

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