Alpha Female: Jada Pinkett-Smith


I was over at one of my favorite places to hang, Baller Alert and came across a Jada Pinkett blog that reminded me to give her some pre-Oscars love sooner, rather than later.

Here’s a woman who has it all apparently–money, successful husband, and a viable acting career.  I’d like to see her in more roles, tho.  Jada started out as this skinny, little attitude girl on A Different World, or at least that’s how we remember her.  She had some movie roles, and met Will, I believe when she guest starred on his show, The Fresh Prince.  She didn’t leave the set empty handed to say the least. What a coup!

She didn’t know it then, or maybe she did, but Will was an excellent catch.  Will’s career skyrocketed and hers kind of leveled off.  She got back up with Woo (is that the name?) and my favorite alpha female flick, next to Frida, Set It Off.   Lately, she’s been getting back out there with more wide-ranging roles.  Good for her.

What’s even more is that she seems very self-defined and secure despite her small stature at barely above 5 feet.  She has presence, a thing few women can master.  You don’t learn that, you’re born with it.

One thing to note:  When she met Will he had a baby mama.  Jada handled the situation beautifully.  She did what a true alpha female would.  According to tabloids, she made “friends” with the baby mama and controlled the baby mama and Will.  All three became some what of a “family” or at least on speaking terms.  She took over.  Jada wasn’t having that drama around for long and flipped it.   She went thru this rock chick phase that was hard to grasp, but you know, from this blog’s perspective, it’s okay.  An alpha female is unpredictable, complex, tequila one day, pina colada the next….

And her and Will’s relationship is described as “open”.  Whatever is the case, if it works, it’s all good with me.  But some critics say she wouldn’t be where she is if it wasn’t for Will.  I nominate her for induction into the Alphanista Hall of Fame.   Yay or nay?


  1. Cassandra says:

    I say yes, it takes an extremely secure woman to have an open relationship. That’s why it isn’t that popular yet. Her and Monique are the only two celebs I know of to date.

  2. Maryann says:

    u know u cant get away with something simple being one of our top commentators….lol

    good points, Kimora is listed in this blog’s bio, so she is definely about it, I guess with responses so far, she gets a no…moving on…

  3. Loving a bottom B says:

    Sorry my dear for no explanation and no its never personal. I was just giving a simple response. Nevertheless, I just don’t think Jada has done anything on her own to separate herself from her husband. To me she just happened to luck up and get married to Will Smith. That was a great move, however, that has been her only good move. Based on the facts known about her she best compares to Kimora Lee Simmons which they both had/have famous or powerful husbands. However, that where there comparison ends in my book. Kimora used/with husbands help created her own brand, image and is now more known then him as well as expanded Russell brand and image. You cannot say the same for Jada she tried many ventures on her own and failed in my view. Therefore, until she does something on her own she does not get my vote.

  4. Oh yeah, Frida was fabulous. What I loved about her the most was her bisexual tendencies. She was so ahead of her time…

    You should take your next trip to Mexico City and see the house that her and Diego lived in! Her death mask is there along with her “possible” suicide note! Her cause of death is still being debated by historians…

    Fabulous woman though!

  5. Maryann says:

    @THC that movie made me like Salma Hayek, Frida was a deep chick…and Diego…love the line about loyalty vs. faithfulness but we shall not go there you know what happens when we do on this blog…lol

  6. Maryann says:

    LOL…Let’s take our time with this nomination….there’s still something “stale” about her, but we shall see…@James yes, she is the last one standing outta that cast, but let’s think who she’d be if she was one of those single starlets like Sanaa and Taraji…not sure if she’d have enough to differentiate herself and we will never know. Haha

  7. James says:

    Im one of those who think she is riding on her husband’s coattails. But I say she deserves it. I mean where are the rest of A Different World cast? She’s doing it big.

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