Alpha Female Hall Of Fame: Wendy Williams

wendyMonths ago I was asked by a subscriber if Wendy Williams-Hunter was an alpha female?

I told them I had to think.  Well I thunk. As a former guest on her radio show in Sept 2005 to discuss my book Marry Your Baby Daddy, I have to attest to her versatility and growing empire.  She’s not exactly my “Oprah” but there’s just something there.  Here’s what I came up with:

Why Wendy is an alpha female:

1)  She controls her brand and any interview (on radio, still watching her on tv) and becomes the story, instead of her guest (smart move!)

2)  She has multiple platforms.  She has books, radio, and television.  An alpha female marks her territory.

3) She surprises.  You never know what she will say, look like, or do.

4) She had a rough start, fell a few times, and got back up.  Every alpha female has battle scars.  But still she rises.

5)  She enters the room, like “hello, world!” and not “hello, world?”  If you’ve been reading this site, then you know what I mean.  Wendy has always been Wendy.  At least that is what it seems.  But perception rules over reality.

Now, there could be reasons why we would want to re-consider this nomination if you’ve read the rumors about marital, work, and issues with certain celebrities.  But I nominate her.

Yay or Nay?

Should Wendy Williams Be Inducted Into The Alphanista Hall Of Fame?

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  1. EbonyLolita says:

    I’ve been a fan of Wendy Williams since elementary/H.S. She’s been able to remain relevant and has risen from the ashes like a Phoenix. When NYC thought she was dead she reinvented the wheel in PA, came back to mark NYC as her territory. Now, she has graduated to books and a syndicated t.v. show. Despite the whisperings surrounding her marriage she maintains herself and high steps it over the gossip that she has become focus of. WENDY WILLIAMS IS AN ALPHA FEMALE.

    Love, EbonyLolita 😉

  2. BB says:

    Although I think she lacks class, she is definitely an AF. I don’t like her radio show but it is clear that it is the Wendy Show. She pulls the strings. Also, it looks like she’s trying to clean up her act now that she’s on TV. This is a woman who has lost before but definitely knows how to win!

  3. Missingpieces says:

    For all the reasons MarryAnn listed above, I say yes! I have listened to Wendy for years on the radio and watch her TV show ( which is becoming increasingly popular and is already syndicated through various media outlets) – she is who she is/ love her or hate her, she gets attention and makes a slew of cash. I do admire her for getting paid for her brand of talk, which she does very well. Wendy W. Hunter is an Alphanista because she is successful on her own terms.

  4. TheOne says:

    This is a woman who is an abuser, excepts her husband’s infidelities, and is more fake than a watch on Canal Street in Manhattan! How could someone even think of her as one??? Shame.

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