Alpha Female Hall Of Fame: Ava Gardner


She comes highly recommended by an Alphanista fan.

This is the woman who made Frank Sinatra slit his wrist!

Here’s more about Hollywood icon and legendary actress Ava Garnder:

The name of the hot young film star stirred Sinatra. He had long lusted after her. With the kind of beauty that comes along once in a hundred years, she transfixed men and women alike. She took her pleasures as she found them — and she found them everywhere…So began one of Hollywood’s ­legendary pairings of alpha male and female.

Sound familiar?  I had no idea Ava was this deep and on the above alone she earns nomination.  She and Sinatra were married for several years and had “profound” feelings of worthlessness and a penchant for perversion and prostitution.  Interesting.  They had a love affair, despite all of this, but I still can’t figure out what Ava did to woe the most wanted, romantic, and married man in the biz.  She just sounds like a crazie.

Despite all that, Sinatra was accepting and loving of her, even when she didn’t come to the hospital after his attempted suicide. These two were so self destructive I don’t even know if I can nominate Ava Gardner.  But there was a charisma, magnetism and vulnerability about her you may all be able to relate to, or want.

I believe she died alone.

So what say you? Yay or nay?





  1. Iamthatchick says:

    What is so disgusting about a woman living her life? she sounded cold and twisted but she was a hurt woman, anyway, I say yay times three.

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